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  1. Morning everyone, just thought i'd drop a quick message on here with regards a ford meet this sunday at Ian Walley Racing in Darlington, its for all fords, so moder, retro and clasic will be there, along with performance ford mag who've just confirmed they'll be doing a feature. theres even an ice cream van going??? its on sunday from 12-16:00, ians planning on having his 1000+bhp cortina drag racer up and running, the bright yellow one. and he's also intending on firing up the 3300hp helicopter jet engine he's wanting to put in a cortina estate, ha. his unit is open for all to have a look round and there'll even be a burger van. might not be to everyones taste but thought i'd pop a mention on here anyway. cheers. craig.
  2. if you still need an answer on this i'll count the teeth on my starter 2nite for you, mines a high torque starter from Luke Motorsport, he supplies peter lloyd rallying aswell as a few other places so should be the same. mines also a 1600 xflow btw.
  3. nissan sr20det motor please, few tweeks, nice reliable 300bhp, with all the goodies needed to make sure the shell and running gear can handle it, but im gonna settle for the ca18det for now, which im buying soon,
  4. in need of restoration?? its not mine by the way, , my friend has been aproached by another friend to buy his mk2 and they've both asked me what i think its worth, the problem i face is i want them both to get a fair deal and im struggling. the car in question is a bog standard 1300 popular, 80k, no tax or test, but it runs and drives (ish), we think it needs new piston rings. the work on the shell needed is 2 sills,floor section, spare wheel well and under the fuel tank, rear arch/rear quarter. on a plus side, 2 years ago he ran into someone and ended up replacing the front panel and put new wings on whilst he was there, none of the inner wings/strut tops are rotten, so its only really from the bulk head back. now seeing what prices are on ebay, this forum and in classic ford, i've said what i think is a pretty nuetral price of around £1500, but i was just wondering if theres anybody with more experience willing to chuck some advice my way please? i'll throw in a virtual pint, , cheers.
  5. luke motorsport do a fantastic high torque starter, i've had one for years and they're not that expensive, let me know if you want his number.
  6. i was advised not to use the filterking/ fuel regulator set up, just use a 12v bike pump from a similar bike, they don't need any fuel regulators, just plug in and go and i have a fuel pressure guage plumbed in just before the carbs so i can see what its running at. and as for the throttle cable, i use a mountain bike brake cable from halfords, £1.99, just cut to length and file the end down so it fits in your carbs, simples.
  7. sweet, it at least gives me a clue as to waht to work towards. and as for the leveling of it, its level with the earth,
  8. ah right, thanks, what would that lot equate to in tons of ballast? how many would you order? and ive sorted the sheet for the concrete to go on top of.
  9. hellloooo, im laying the dolomite for my new garage base this weekend but im having trouble finding out how much cement ill be needing, can anyone on here help please? the base is 5 inches deep, 12ft x 32ft, we'll be doing a strong, 5-1 mix and the sand and gravel mix will be getting delivered in 1.1T loads, the cement bags are 25kgs, are they any builders on here that could offer advice? i've spent 6 weeks designing the garage and now im stuck on the slab of concrete its gonna sit on, any help muchly appreciated.
  10. we have disscussed this fella...the price aint far of a set of good used 45s...then theres the agg of setting up the bik carbs after which will be more then setting up a pair of webers. its easier to set up bike carbs as theres only one screw on each carb, boggs will set them up on their rolling road for £80 and then you dont need to touch them again unless you change the spec of the engine.
  11. does anybody have actual 1st hand experience of running a well set up up pair or webbers AND a well set up set of bike carbs? i dont, ive only ran bike carbs, which is why i can only comment on how they work on my car and i can't and don't comment on whether webbers are better to drive, more power etc, wish i had the chance to swap over and have a go of both, lol.
  12. MANLY...... velvet purple...... and yes thats the shade thats on my car, and i wouldnt have it any other way,
  13. RIGHT ON BROTHER, PREACH!! (bike carbs rock though) NOT DO TOO!
  14. RIGHT ON BROTHER, PREACH!! (bike carbs rock though)
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