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  1. I have to agree with you there. I considered going the Anglia axle route with adjustable TCA's and top mounts to pull the front wheels in.. Not worth the effort as you said. If it was the genuine wheel it would have been a different story..
  2. This update is from the 1st week of August this year.... The spare GT gearbox was rebuilt and fitted. Replaced the engine mountings and recast the gearbox mounting. New carpet, original door panels received new wood backings, original seats built up and recovered in leather and the boot got a false floor with a carpet as well. - I can't fit the GT center console due to the inertia reel safety belts I fitted in the car - unless if I replace the clips on the tunnel with something else. I put the long bumper with the over-riders back on the front of the car. Windscreen was re
  3. This update is from December 2014 The car went to a bodyshop for a proper polish and after it came back it stood in the garage for about 2 months. I have replaced the carburetor again with a brand new secondhand 32/36DGV. Car runs properly now and I had to dump the original type aircleaner due to it touching the bracing under bonnet. I've only done about 80km-100km with the car up until now, I'm really happy with the engine, It pulls very stong and the 2000E ratio's are very nice.. The 3.54 ratio diff also works very nice with the low profile 13's.. However...I have to replace the gea
  4. For those that liked the 4 spokes.. I fitted them to the car during August 2014, 1st time they have been on since the car has been sitting at this height. They will have to come off again, offset is completely wrong, they work nice on the Mk2 with the bigger arches but these wheels are going to touch badly. The lip of the rim sits level with the edge of the arch. If they were 7's they would have worked perfectly. When Gary did the arches he used a 8J rim with a -7 offset, these wheels are 7.5J ET-15. The car started for the 1st time on 5Sept 2014... Only did the live cab
  5. The car as it stood in August 2014. Propshaft in, brakes done and bled. Had endless issues with the front calipers leaking, but that problem seems to be resolved now.. Holding thumbs I don't make myself badluck here... I fitted the grey leather interior that came with the car but I will be recovering them again in black vinyl or something close to original. There's currently no carpet in the car either, will get that done at the same time as the seats. Wiring will be done next weekend if all goes well. Hoping I'll be able to start it after that.
  6. I don't know what went through my head with the wheels, I knew it was going to be a love it or hate it type of thing, it would either work like a bomb or not at all, but I went ahead with it anyway. The Watanabe's come out in a brownish colour and I wanted something similar. I had the wheels chemically stripped and bought the primer and paint, after failing to get the finish I wanted, I had the wheels stripped again. Took the wheels and the paint to a painter and he painted them for me. Lots of people won't like what I have done with the wheels, but I feel it works nicely with the silver.
  7. When we made the lowering blocks we chucked everything out between the diff and the leaf springs. The locating pin in the springs were removed and replaced with a bolt keeping the lowering block attached to the spring, then the diff locates on the turned down bolt head with a pressed in spacer. Front suspension I opted for 2.5" Coilovers with springs that came out of a stock car. Exhaust system was done by Rane Berry, front section from the manifold to the 1st box is normal 50mm 304 stainless.. from there it was tig welded using 306 or 316 stainless (unsure now but think it was 306) over th
  8. I had to order new clips for the chrome beadings around the windows, Came from Billy London, top bloke.... Made a huge difference to the look of the car. Now as I mentioned earlier, I found some nice parts for the car. Brand new fusebox, and the 3.54 Salisbury axle.. Diff came complete minus backing plates and brakes but I robbed the white Sport diff from those items. I opened the diff to make sure that all was fine inside, cleaned the casing and put it back together with a new gasket.
  9. Radiatior time: Before the motor went in I realized that we would run into a problem with the radiator. When the car had the YB in it was fitted with a bigger aluminium radiator, so the front was modified. I did not have this repaired when fat Gary painted the car. Kevin came up with the idea that we box the radiator in with an aluminium box. This was my 1st time working with flat sheets of aluminium, especially with a guillotine and sheet metal bender. We mounted the electric fan at the same time. It's an Opel fan, but I would rather use a good secondhand original part than an imported
  10. There's some rare/special parts I managed to lay my hands on.. At least here in SA they are... Two of them being a new release bearing for the 3 rail gearbox and a 1300GT exhaust manifold.. With the motor and box connected, car's arse went up into the air so that we could get the motor and box in easier.. Worked like a bomb.. Offered the smaller GT branch up and I liked the look.. The thermostat housing in showing the wrong way due to me mocking up pipes because of the Wildcat branch.. Still little bummed that I couldn't really use it here but it would be useless as my motor is
  11. Some photos I took just before the car moved to the other garage. In this time I fitted the tank, suspension and some of the other parts while building the motor in the other garage. Actually got a lot done, all the small little things, like stripping and cleaning the number plate light assembly and refitting that.. and cleaning all the offspray from the suspenion brackets etc.. When I originally bought the 4 spokes from Dion (he is here on the forum), they were to go onto the GT. I fitted them but never liked them on the GT, always looked much better on the Mk2 in my opinion. Somewhe
  12. Motor build itself took about 2 - 3 weeks, most of that was measuring and cleaning everything 40 times. The motor was assembled in Kevin McTavish's garage (under his supervision as well). He used to build endurance motors back in the day so he knows his shit. A lot more to building a motor than I always thought - or thought I knew. Like with assembling the head. We stripped the rocker shaft, and cleaned it a good couple of times, there was a lot of crap that came out it, even though it was clean on the outside.. After reassembling that I had to to the valve installed heights and match them
  13. This update is from February-April 2014 I stripped all the suspension bits off the car as everything was full of off-spray. I had all the suspension bit's repainted or powder coated. While the car was standing in the air I cleaned the bottom of the car and stone chipped the whole undercarriage in black. Everything went back into the car and from there it stood for a while. I have dedicated every Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturdays to the car. 1st up, I had the steering rack rebuilt, new tie rod ends, powder coated the front suspension bits and bolted everything
  14. I have neglected to update this thread... The car has been running for about a year now.. Will update the thread as I go along... As for now... This is what she looks like.
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