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  1. 7 x 13 with 175 / 50 x 13 fit on ok you may want to lower it a bit though
  2. i am currently running my 2 door mk2 cortina on 7 x 13 superlites with 175 x 50 x 13 tyres was wondering on what size tyres i can go up to without it rubbing on arches its lowered 2" and coilovers on the front was thinking 55 or 60 series anyy pics would help thanks paul
  3. Hi mate passed on your number to his mate gary he was passing it on Will try again
  4. before i went coilovers i had rs2000 ones on mine
  5. theres an article in last months retro ford or classic ford (cant remember wot one )on doing a reverse pedal box conversion, ill try and find the mag and let you know
  6. Merlin motorsport have some nice ones in their catalogue
  7. a friend of mine is interested in the bubble arches / rally arches for his car can anyone help him on what companies supply them thanks in advance
  8. Wolfey Wigger Croydon popular front POWER TO THE PEOPLE
  9. lets hope he was on his way to the boat yard oi and you ain't got no mates
  10. lets hope he was on his way to the boat yard
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