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  1. thanks for all the welcomes!! and thanks for the help will where to search! i'll have a look over the next few days and keep u all posted!
  2. just had a quick ganders in the cars for sale, there's 1 or 2 in there. im looking under £1 just for something good and reliable, im willing to pay for Tax and MOT's as long as it will pass an MOT. i dont want to do much work to it for quite a while, i really only have the money to buy a car, not to improve it just yet, but that would be my aim over time, I'd like to try and restore one bit by bit to totally standard and mint condition! but possibly add a couple of spot lights to the front haha, that would be my only mod though.
  3. Hey there everyone! I'm currently in the market for an old skool sort of car, my ideal car would be a Capri or a MkII Escort. I havent got a very high budget, but i was wondering where abouts is the best place to look for these older cars? (MkII escort preferred) I noticed your website printed along the top of a MkII's windscreen in coventry! haha so thought i'd look it up and see what kinda website it was. Hoping i might be able to get some help from people on there! Anyway, thats my car background! haha and as for me, im Rob, im a student in Coventry but outside term time i live in Blackburn Nr Preston so i have a couple of faily big areas i can look at for cars there i figured! thanks for the help peoples!
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