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  1. yeah, mine grounds out over the smallest bumps!!
  2. best customer service i've encountered. he has spent an hour on the phone talking me through problems in the past!!
  3. so gutted i missed this again!!! mr mex offered me the passenger seat....but it was trace's birthday and we had plans! makes me wish i still had an osf!
  4. zetecmk2

    I'm pissed

    that's cos i'm old!!!
  5. steve's anglia....he said "standard". we lost!!
  6. well done....you've all played a part in ruining my evening....apart from the stagea and sd1 at gaydon https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1975_Rover_SD1_Estate_Heritage_Motor_Centre,_Gaydon_(1).jpg
  7. zetecmk2

    My Dart

    seems to tick all the boxes!!!
  8. i had princess 4 pots, no servo. the brake pedal felt like standing on a brick. the pedal didn't move...but the harder you push on the brick....the quicker it stopped! loved it. what's with 2 inches of pedal travel? just feels sloppy . wish i took note of the master cyl dia (bias pedal set up...no servo) everyone's different though.
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