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  1. I’m looking for a mk2 escort rolling project or finished car
  2. Not not rotten needs some welding it's a 1976 broadstripe and yes will be for sale
  3. I have just found a mk2 rs2000 shell with no log book or plates but have the vin number how easy is it to find out the reg and apply for a new log book?
  4. kidcos

    Retro show

    That's great! Can I put my name down for a pass if one come available!? Thanks
  5. kidcos

    Retro show

    Are we (osf) having a stand at retro show this year?
  6. kidcos

    Ford fair

    Will osf have a stand at retro show this year?
  7. Paint everywhere and stone chipping underside
  8. It's on a jig but I have axle and a dolly to move it!
  9. I can probably get some tomorrow! It is currently buried in my unit under boxes!! I'm moving to a new unit and wanted to pull it out and not put it into my new unit till its finished!!
  10. Wings are off new full length strut tops with new rails already fitted! New sills fitted and inner wings are good the car is very solid!
  11. Yes I have the panels and it only needs 1 floor pan, 1 rear arch, wings fitting and a couple of other bits nothing to major!!
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