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  1. Ironically, anyone who has worked in a supermarket will tell you they are great places to catch viruses. I can't believe they still sell (and Brits still, drink) Fosters in the UK. The last time I saw that was next to Castlemaine XXXX and Tooheys Blue at a university campus in Victoria in the early 90's. Even uni students wouldn't drink the stuff!!!
  2. Another addition to my past Fords blog - V8 Perana replica. This one will be spread over a few posts as I did quite a lot of work to this project over the years. https://pintopunteruk.blogspot.com/2020/03/perana-v8-capri.html
  3. I've added a few more to the blog. https://pintopunteruk.blogspot.com/ Some will make you cry. Turning into a mammoth task. - Looks like there will be around 35 cars to get to.
  4. And speaking of panel vans....after owning dozens of rough ones in the past I was in the mood for another one when bored sitting in a night class I bid and won this van on ebay. Phone apps are not good things for people with my condition. The van looked very neat from the photos but was 2 and a half hours drive away. Not having the time to look at it before bidding, I broke my own cardinal rule and bought it without looking at it. Thankfully, the gamble turned out right and I picked up a very solid van for a bargain price and the seller even organised a cheap tow down to Melbourne from country Victoria. I went onto spend a bit of money to get it RW then sold it to my mate Ryan who had it for a year or so. I did get to drive it which was nice but not being a massive fan of the Kent engine I'm sure it would have come out if I had kept it. I remember it was a matching number car (rare in Australia) so I wasn't fussed about moving that on as I had already bought a better 2.0 van at the time that I still own, today.
  5. Another Escort which I owned twice before moving on yet again was an RS2000. Appently it was owned at one stage by a V8 super car driver. He apparently moved it on to concentrate on a BDA mk1 Escort project. i bought it off ebay from another Escort guru in Melbourne....again, this was to house my infamous pinto engine that I'll find a home for one day. It was partially restored, painted but showing signs of underlying issues. The floor on the drivers side was bashed to such an extent that you couldn't depress the clutch fully. I marginal improved that but that's about all I did. It had it Scheel (roll top) seats but it looked like a dog had eaten them. The head was also missing from the engine. i moved it on to a friend who did do some improvements, namely painted the nosecone back to black (I never really understood the monotone look it had previously). I couldn't refuse buying it back it was so cheap but I was just about done with the RS2000 bug (thankfully as it was about to get very expensive) so I gave the car to my mechanic who was looking for one at the time. Another one that I probably shouldn't have parted with but I was hankering for a panel van and needs must.
  6. I'm in the process of trying to document all the old Fords from my past into a blog. I'll post a link here when it's finished but I thought I'd share a few of the 30+ I've owned over the last 31 years. My first love is Capris but I've owned both Escorts and Cortinas, vans, track cars, low mileage granny spec to bodged V8 projects.,,I have owned just about every thing from the RWD ford stable that was available in Australia from about 69-82 and a few later ones. Now I'm living back in the UK, I'm reducing my fleet (which was upto 8 cars at one stage) to 2 classics and a daily. Here a few of them....starting with one I only owned for a few months. This mk1 Escort will be known to the Australian members. Built by a group of guys from the RSOC in Victoria, I bought it as a shell with hopes of housing a hot pinto I just happened to have lying around. Unfortunately, running a small business (as I did at the time) involves paying taxes to the government (apparently) so when my tax bill came up this particular year this poor Escort drew the short straw. The car was sold back to an RSOC member who did return it to the track but sadly the car was involved in a terminal accident. Fortunately a roll cage I sourced for the car was employed and the driver walked away shaken but not stirred.
  7. Chasing an original 19mm front anti-roll bar for my Mk1 Capri. The stupid shipping company when I imported the car thought it was a good idea to winch the car in gear using it as a towing point. Tried bending it straight but now the car has a huge vibration on deceleration and is making the car unsafe to drive. i have a 2.8i anti-roll bar and brackets if anyone wants to swap. Im based in Derbyshire and will travel to collect if not willing to post. I need fairly urgently as I have an all new front end I want to fit prior to Summer. PM if you can help out. Cheers Glenn
  8. It's your car, do what YOU want.....and avoid car shows. I learnt long ago you can have the most original car going around and there will be some purist nut bag who will point out something that's wrong with it.
  9. Interesting read. Im building a V8 track car (perana replica) I cant believe how cheap and plentiful V8 parts are compared to V6. We have speed shop here in Australia that import new parts and crate engines, refreshed and reconditioned engines for half the price of what costs to build an Essex. Keep the pics coming.
  10. Thanks for the responses. Yes, I've booked my tickets for the NEC show. I'm from the UK originally so Im familiar with the weather in November. Didn't think much would be on but I thought I would ask. Confused - I should be able to get to a couple of events in my brother's mini. My brother moved back to the UK last year and is looking for a permanent base in Nottingham then I can ship a Capri and Escort I have over. I'm from Melbourne in Australia and its getting really expensive to live here so Im looking at possibly living 6 months here and 6 months there. The weather is no longer a plus in Australia as we are getting longer winters (floods and cold in October) and hotter summers (bushfires in march).. To be honest I prefer the cold. Anyway, cheers for the links. I will check them out.
  11. I'll be in the UK in November, out from Australia. I will be staying in the Nottingham/Sheffield area and want to get out to a few events for Classic Fords. Wouldn't mind catching up with local clubs and check out a few cars while I'm in the country.
  12. Thanks John. Unfortunately, I may have to sell it. I'll be downsizing my property in the not too distant future so unless I can find one with a big shed to handle 5-6 cars it may be left behind. Also good V8s are getting hard to find. I'm trying to build this on a budget and finding a good 2nd hand 302 is proving tough. The lump in the car when I found it in a barn was well and truly past it....a mouse had passed away in the inlet manifold!!! http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f147/pintopunter/Z181%20Perana/Z181.jpg Last saw the road in 1983 (pre V8)
  13. It's been a while since I've got on here. The fleet has been reduced somewhat. Gone is the Zetec Mk 2 Escort and the Mk 1 Escort Project, but I bought my old Yellow RS back. Car is a little further advanced than in this shot but missing a few parts to complete. It will get there eventually. My mechanic will be taking ownership of the car as part of payment for helping with the restoration of my Mk 1 Capri, which was badly damaged last year.
  14. Cool. How much do you want for it? Would you accept payment via Palpay?
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