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  1. Sure does help, I think 264 will be the way to go forward then. Cheers
  2. Dear SIr, I have a pre-cross flow in my Hillclimb/Sprint car which is in the road going class. I normally trailer it but i do drive it on the road every so often. However, i am rebuilding and looking for a more dedicated engine -as it were. Do you know the relative differences betwen the three cams in terms of output and manners? My engine has grown to 1750cc now with 1.65 inlets and runs a mapped ignition and fuel injection. I am worried i would destroy the mid range by going to hot with the 264 but would like a really good strong top end for obvious reasons. I hope this not too wooly as a question!!!! Cheers Nev
  3. Trouble is the Zephyr axle is a 'front loader' so an Atlas diff will not fit. I believed - and thus could be wrong - that the Granada used the same axle. But from what you suggest it is not! The axle turns out to be a Transit axle from a Mk2 SWB, and still needs a different ratio Any one know? Nev
  4. It has a 2.8:1 from a Zephyr which is way too high so i need a lower diff ratio. I need a 3.7 or 3.54 if they are available for that axle. Cheers Nev
  5. Hi, I have an early Granada back axle and i would like to know what is the lowest diff ratio i can get for it? The car has a diesel engine now and is a little to high geared. Cheers Nev
  6. Has anyone ever used the 747 cam? I did for a season but wondered if there was a more modern version???? Nev
  7. Er - the Forum removing different car makes names is making it really hard for me as a novice to work out what was used! Mr Shag seemed to use 'not in here mate' front discs. I wonder what they were.........................
  8. So that is either Mk1 or Mk3 Fiesta Discs. Are they same? nev
  9. I think its time to raid the scrap yard and do some tests! I have seen these calipers under 13" Minilites, Alleycats etc so it must be possible with the correct disc. Nev
  10. Is the Wilwood convertion a 4-pot or 2-pot? Nev
  11. £500 for complete kit which is correct is ok i guess, but i like making things so am happy to fabricate what i need. More importantly the rear disc conversion MUST fit inside 13" wheels as i can only use this size in my Hill Climb class. I will have to change the wheel studs to longer versions to take into account the discs sitting on the hub face - hmmm - i wonder if i have enough room before the tyres hit the arches!!!!!!!! Nev
  12. Rick, Thankyou for the swift reply! Nev
  13. Rick, Fietsa Mk1 rear? I thougfht the rear was drums?? Nev
  14. Hi, Which discs should i use with the Sierra/Granada rear calipers for rear discs? Cheers Nev Edit i am sure i typed S i e r r a?
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