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  1. been asked to build the said engine heres the up dates on it bottom end stripped sent off and checked over by engine specialist local, new mains,big ends,oil pump Water pump inspected and tested complete bottom end seals and gasket change top end stripped and checked new chains and guides and also adjusters, waiting on one follower as it was damaged once its delivered i will get the last cam in and set up some parts are away being painted and have to wait for them as well
  2. feb 2008 was when i joined but i come in regular ish to have a flick through mainly capri room
  3. now have one thanks got it from capripower forum but many thanks
  4. as titled any condition would be considered
  5. nice buy m8 got to love the lead sled look
  6. this is my first xmas alone so really not up for the festive spirt and will be one of the hardest things ive had to do for years
  7. wow now there`s a blast from the past loved them in there day but they speeded up the rusty wheel arch syndrome as sumo says though ebay is the only place you may find them or put a wanted ad in here or a granada mk2 forum
  8. im still about but a major thing happened in my life and im still trying to come to terms with things and get my head sorted at the same time but i do look in at least once a day even if i dont reply to anything
  9. sugar shack-jimmy gilmer and the fire balls and on a different site its dave clark five - glad all over ??????????????
  10. you need to use the 3.0 cross member for clearance
  11. reminds me of the old prestwood track i raced at years back
  12. since the wife an i split up ive been looking for work and still nothing seriously considering going the same route
  13. kids called me it before the split
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