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  1. afternoon all, more troubles, woke up this morning in the hope to go for sunday drive, battery was dead, cleaned up all me earths, jump started it and drove up road after half a mile the escort started to hold back when i booted it, carried on going and she kept back fireing, i cant work out why because it ran fine driving it last night... tired of these problems one after another i can't win
  2. ye i meant to text you darren indeed sorry for the calls i know your a busy man but a friend in need is a friend indeed ill buy you a beer mate don't worry And hi mate, i put 5spd in mine, just got rs ally mounts, cut gear level hole in tunnel 2 inchs back, all went in fine although i wished i smacked the tunnel abit because the box vibrates against it but its not bad you don't have to have an auto tunnel like some people think. Once again i must thank my best friend in the world darren because without him i could'nt have learnt any of what i know now its still new to me and i still keep learning as i go along, darren your a great friend, your are my savour, you are my rock, thank you
  3. thanks for replys people , all running good now, turns out the wire i connected it to was'nt a 12volt wire lol set the psi to 3.5 but couldnt get the top nut to thread on so used some stud lock on it, anyway im off for a spin have'nt drove it in weeks hope i dont run into any more problems, most likely to be the old bill anyway lol thanks for reply's guys
  4. sorry to drag this post up but im still having problems, fitted me regulator but the pumps not filling it up, its connected to ignition live and sounds like its pumping so i took the 'out' pipe off the pump and it seems its not pumping the fuel like id imagined, i can get more pressure from having a piss.. any advice?
  5. yeah id hate lhd but then u can just get used to it lol not bad prices maybe worth a look sometime he has loads!
  6. ye mate, fair price id say, anyone on here changed one from lhd to rhd?
  7. hi all, everyone's probably seen these on ebay but i was wondering if anyone has gone to view any, he has loads mk1/mk2 escort and at fair prices id say, just wondered if anyone has seen them in flesh, link- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Escort-MK1-2 ... 20b8201b86
  8. piss off darren, ive never fitted one before that's why i ask for help.
  9. hi all, fitted fuel pump today, didnt realise they dont come with fittings, got everything in the end and now she wont start, although ive wired it straight to ignition live without fuse it dont seem to be pumping any fuel through, can any advise me, never fitted one before so i must be doing something wrong..
  10. im not at the moment mate haha it took me by suprise still piss on these boy racer's in there shitty corsa's
  11. ok mate cheers where's best place to buy, got any links? much appreciated
  12. manual mate, and starvation? lol you must be joking she drinks like a fish!!
  13. hi all, gota mk2 escort, 1700xflow, twin 40 webbers, fast road cam etc etc, been running fine until yesturday, was driving down the motorway and as soon as i reach 70/80mph i lose all power yet when i let off and put power back down shes fine, its really annoying coz shes been running good for months, had to change seals on the carbs but thats about it, also only does this in 5th gear at 70ish mph, any ideas what could be causing this? thanks
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