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  1. Wilwood use a 1/4" AF bleed nipple(measured across the flats), go and get yourself a proper spanner that fits well.
  2. 1st Climb Dance 2nd Vanishing Point 3rd Gone in Sixty Seconds 4th Ronin 5th Bullet
  3. Looking good What plans you got for running gear and engine, standard or modified? Colour?
  4. Top Gear for me, but I do like watching Needles giving the beans on the track followed by a cloud of tyre smoke
  5. Good night out, nice to meet some of you and have a good crack
  6. Can somone do a guide on how to do reverse gear donuts in Maccie Ds carpark?
  7. Heres a picture if it helps? If you mount the axle first, could you then trace a line across the body mounts for the linkage, then build of the diff housing to suit? http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/images/RD727%20Product.JPG
  8. You didn't say which revos, so I'm going with 15" RFXs in black with a polished lip
  9. I'd go retro, Roman Bronze body work and silver revos. Seen too many Capris in all the usual "sporty" colours. Oh and get yourself a chest wig and medalion to complete the look.
  10. I love my welded diff, should have done it years ago. Okay so it's abit cluncky on full lock at parking speeds but other than that you don't know it's there when driving normally. When I turn the wick up it just gets better, good drive out of bends without spinning all the power away and predictable over steer on the limit. Maybe a tad of understeer when I'm not giving it 100%, but thats easily delt with, just come off the power for a sec then give it the beans again, sorted. Forgot to mention, Top Class Doughnuts too
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