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  1. That is some top quality workmanship , keep up the good work.
  2. Thanks guys , Had a good day today, managed to pick up a 3.7 diff and a recond RS radiator for a bargain price, stripped the diff down tonight ready for a overhaul.
  3. Ok chaps i am trouble getting my throttle to work properly, I have a pinto on a twin choke webber, what cable and throttle linkage should i use , as ive modified a xflow one and am not appy with it.
  4. got these fitted tonight plus the grill in place , plus some of the wiring sorted.
  5. pauldee


    Thanks for the replies , can hopefuly make some sense of it now.
  6. Very nice Darran. definately the right colour.
  7. pauldee


    2 questions folks. has anyone got a good clear picture of a six pod clocks, from the back with the wiring as i am having problems. and also a picture of wiring under the bonnet for a pinto, ive got it running ok but i have spare wires, and just can't work it out its running elctronic ign, and i know which one is the water temp, but ive got a black and yellow spare and a blue one spare.
  8. Hi mate was hoping to keep the original loom, as it is in not to bad condition, ive extended the loom for the alternator ok but the ign light won't go out even though the volt meter shows it is charging, plus the 6 pod dash instruments are not working properly ,basically its becoming a wiring nightmare..
  9. We fitted a bias brake system, was a pain to get it right but works well. and i think you find that its actually the smaller the bore size the better as smaller will put more pressure through.
  10. 1600 sport box will fit, because its the same as any other escort box, just different inside, outside it looks the same. But to run a 2000E box or T9 5 speed with a alloy bell housing you will have to mod it , and if its a standard shell you are gonna have to cut the hole for the gearstick, which is an easy enough job to do . personally if you have the facilities i would just go for a bigger tunnel , its not to bad to do and will make life easier should you need to take the box out for clutch etc at a later date.
  11. Do a search for the main hillman imp uk forum, they have a sales page with links , I got my indicators from there and a lot cheaper than ebay to. www.theimpclub.co.uk try this one i think it could be the one.
  12. Finally got the engine fired up today , well pleased sounds the dogs. just got to get the wiring sorted , diff , and brakes done then it should be time for a rip down the road, If anyone out there is fairly close to me (wisbech) who is clever with wiring could do with some help as i am shit when it comes to wiring..
  13. Looking good matey.... looks like the carp fishings going ok too Thats why it isnt done yet, been doing a lot of fishing mate, been making a ferw journeys down south to the yateley lakes.
  14. No mate not done much to it of late, but just got back into it over xmas ,exhaust is all on now, still some wiring issues and quite a few fiddly jobs to do yet.
  15. Thanks guys for the info , sorry for the delay in posting my thanks been away for a few days. cortinabully i'm in cambridgeshire mate ,pity cos i could do with some help on this wiring.
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