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  1. Hi guys I’m looking for a pair of early mk1 escort wing badges as in the photo many thanks Jon
  2. Lotus300e on here and www.ford100e.com had brackets made and I believe he fitted a lhd mk1 escort rack.
  3. What engine you putting in mate? I have 12" 300lb springs but I have a Mopar V8 fitted. I did have another E running a Crossflow with 10" 190lb springs but that one had modified turrets which were lower than standard.
  4. I believe its standard height springs. If you have the money you could get GAZ to convert your shocks to coil overs and update the dampers
  5. Alachi do the lowering blocks for the 100e. I think mk3/4 escort springs fit the front struts and lower the car approx 2".
  6. Use a 107e crossmember and gearbox mount. Modify the bulkhead and tunnel to accept the longer engine and larger gearbox. Alachi did a conversion without modding the bulkhead but it puts the weight right to the front. Not ideal for handling.
  7. To get 7" front wheels under the arch you need to convert the shock to coil over, get offset top mounts from Old Ford Autos along with a pair of adjustable tca's or modify the turrets by bringing them inward. Have a look over on www.ford100e.com you'll find all the answers and pictures for both suggestions there.
  8. No sorry mate. 3ltr legs are different to all the others. They have a one off hub. Hence the price
  9. Petrol tank from a 3ltr MK1 capri. Painted gloss black. Still has sender fitted but untested £20 Pair of 3ltr capri legs with hubs, shortened springs and top cups. Thread on shocks has been shortened to clear bonnet as we're fitted to 100e £70 Collect from Rainham Essex
  10. jonlarks

    V8 in 100e

    I've got a 318 Mopar in my 100e. It had capri front legs and an escort crossmember. The engine is chassis mounted. At the rear it has a narrowed mustang axle, 4 linked and panhard rod on coil overs.
  11. Hi guys I have a pair of Capri 3ltr front struts complete with hubs, steering arms, springs, cups and tca's. part of the thread on top of the piston has been cut down and tca's will need new bushes. Looking for £70ono. Collect from Rainham Essex. Thanks Jon.
  12. Yep 107e. Will take pre Crossflow and early Crossflow blocks using 105e engine mounts or later 711 blocks using Milton offset engine mounts.
  13. Title says complete but I can't see any steering arms or top cup? Do they come with these parts? Thanks Jon
  14. GAZ and Spax do direct replacements. Speak to Alan at Alachi he does them off the shelf.
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