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  1. Hi guys I’m looking for a pair of early mk1 escort wing badges as in the photo many thanks Jon
  2. No sorry mate. 3ltr legs are different to all the others. They have a one off hub. Hence the price
  3. Petrol tank from a 3ltr MK1 capri. Painted gloss black. Still has sender fitted but untested £20 Pair of 3ltr capri legs with hubs, shortened springs and top cups. Thread on shocks has been shortened to clear bonnet as we're fitted to 100e £70 Collect from Rainham Essex
  4. Hi guys I have a pair of Capri 3ltr front struts complete with hubs, steering arms, springs, cups and tca's. part of the thread on top of the piston has been cut down and tca's will need new bushes. Looking for £70ono. Collect from Rainham Essex. Thanks Jon.
  5. Title says complete but I can't see any steering arms or top cup? Do they come with these parts? Thanks Jon
  6. As per title. Good condition. Ideal for that retro racer Mk1 Escort. Looking for £25. I'm in Rainham Essex, ten minutes from jct30 M25.
  7. I missed this cos of working late. I'm coming to the next one for sure. There's some great motors in sunny Essex!
  8. Fitted my new fuel tank yesterday. I love shiney stuff
  9. After selling my last 100e and filling the gap with a pro street morris minor, the oldskool ford itch needed scratching. So, sold the moggy and got myself another 100e. Built on a box chassis with full intergrated roll cage, cappri coil overs mustang 8" rear with coil overs and four linked. Runs a 318ci (5.3 ltr in our money) Mopar V8. Is lightened, balanced. Heads are polished and ported and runs larger valves from a 360. Breathes through a Holley 600 double pump and a 3" exhaust system. Its pretty quick as it's run a 13.5 at the Pod!!!!
  10. Very cool! Thats why I've got it now Sits nicely next to my others
  11. Hi guys. heres a few pics from my 100e stand at Battlesbridge car show today
  12. nice pis. The mk2 capri on banded steels is cool
  13. I'll park in the corner next to you, i'll be in my bm too Sounds like a plan Ash
  14. Right, Wheels are on and I'm very pleased with how it sits. Need to bring the front up by an inch but I can live with that.
  15. change of plans! seems like everyone is doing the banded steels route so have changed them in favour of these. 7 x 13 turbo vecs front rear are wearing 175 50 13 Yoko A539's cars also been on a diet and now has fibreglass front end. fitting fibreglass doors, boot and polycarb windows too. also got hold of a rear roll cage. thinking of going with satin black paint and le mans green touches, such as cage, clock rims etc. more to come after weekend
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