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  1. Hello, I have a 1700 (83.5mm bore) 711m block which hasn't been used since being re-bored, with crank and mains caps. Located in Hornchurch Essex, (It's at my old man's but he should be able to dig it out) I wanted £500 for it - Pm me and ill fire my number over. Cheers
  2. Use the mk1 fiesta daily done me proud the lil car
  3. Me Grandad had one on his zepher back in the day, he said it was a rocket
  4. Looks swank, why would anyone change a mk1 dash for a mk2 dash ?
  5. ive had this since it came out on dvd and never seen it start to finish, i need to watch it all
  6. lucky fairy, my renewal was £1550 and thats cheap ! romford postcode
  7. Gravy, Roast dinners would loose there edge
  8. get some 1 inch ones wealded to 2 inch ones, sorted
  9. went kings cross clubbing on friday, got there at about 11:30 till 6, then got home about 10, slept till 5:30 went to a few pubs with a mate last night and dont really plan on doing anything today except have a fry up
  10. "NOW PRODUCING 543 BHP AND 920NM TORQUE" that bit
  11. 5hane


    my honest opinion ? not enough boobs.
  12. 5hane


    this is me at this prestent trime, should answer all answers ytou lot need : What. A. Struggle. And. Runt. READING FREINDSASSSSS
  13. 5hane


    oh it wont fuckinngw work, have a link instead. qGyPuey-1Jw thatr ius all i have to say !
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