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  1. alrite chaps are twin 40s enough for an xe or are 45s better. on a fairly standard engine. cheers
  2. i my freind has a mk1 escort running no servo and princess front brakes and drums at the rear what would be the best master cylinder to use ive heard 2.8 capri but its 165 quid! i thn ik the size hes after is .72??? any help would be great cheers
  3. alrite chaps just rebuilt my xe just rings and bearings not new pistons and a hone on the cylinders what would you say to run it in if at all ive heard a few things like rag the the round ones out of it iwasnt sure havent been revving it over 4k at the mo. cheers
  4. alrite chaps would you be able to recommend a good set of cams and a rough price id like some pretty lairy ones not bothered about lumpy running just not ones you have to pull off at 4k, cheers
  5. i think there just using johnsons fezza as a guide to what the arches look like mate
  6. ^^seconded that fezza is so cool
  7. nice escort, BUT loving the rover was that running 9 s kev??
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