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  1. They went to the moon, they left enough stuff up there. There are even pictures of the lander descent stages. (Not that you can really tell what they are.) More importantly the left reflectors thats scientists all over the world bounce lasers off to measure the distance between the earth and the moon. The nice people at Jodrell Bank tracked them as they did with the Russian missions. Why don't we go back? Cost, it ain't cheap. Oddly enough a lot of people at NASA believe that Concorde was a greater achivment than Apollo. If it was a hoax the Russians would have blown the whistle long ago.
  2. 50% right on the way out! Can't believe some of the questions though.
  3. S2 Dee


    I just hate the whole celebrity thing. If you are famous for your talent or skill then fair enough, but lots of the celebrity types have done nothing of note, so God only knows why people pay them any attention.
  4. Mark above has said it all really. Yes people can change.
  5. Alfas and err, tractors, like a Ford Dexta me.
  6. That is the worst ever. That and covered in rust!
  7. Thank you , a half sensible reply and not a pig reference in site. Oh and by the way I am not paid to 'take the crap' I am actually paid to uphold the law and protect the public, however this country stinks so much that ppl are being brought up to believe that it is there god given right to smack a copper, spit in his face and then complain when they are given a smack back. Yet another reason for me to just put up with this shite until I can retire, then take my payoff and fook off out of this place, leaving this country to all the liberal bean bag sitting lefties.... It saddens me to see a copper feel this way. Just as it does when I hear similar comments from nurses and teachers. People talk about broken Britain, well it is truly fooked if the glue that holds it together feels this way.
  8. 99% of the police are sound, 1% are not fit to put on the uniform, same with soldiers, nurses, protesters, etc, etc. What annoys me is the general level of anger towards the police, half the crap is not their fault, they do not choose to be under resourced, forced to fill out a pile of paper work and do the job with one hand tied behind their backs. Don’t get me wrong, if they go above and beyond the law then they like us all should answer to it. I hope justice is done in this case, I have seen video clips where it looks like your man was being a pain and getting in the way of the Police. I have seen other stills and video where he looks like Joe Public going about his business. Others have said it before but I will too, we are lucky to have the Police that we have, pretty much anywhere else on the planet and it would have been water cannons and tear gas at the first sniff of trouble.
  9. No not more conspiracy theories, I know I should not look but can't help myself! Some are well thought out others are utter rubbish. Bortaf, the Vatican does not even come close to being the richest country, city or anything, believe it or not it is Luxemburg! When measured by GDP per capita, but when you look at the top ten richest countries by any measurement the result is always weird!
  10. S2 Dee


    RIP to her. I had no feelings for her one way or the other, she was just another person who was famous for being famous, who never did anything of real worth. I feel for her family, as I would for any family. Though as for making money for the kids what happened to the reported £8M she had previously made? It would have been good if she left her mark with a charitable foundation or the like, I am firmly with MkII escort chick on this point. Glad the media coverage will soon be over, it was all too much.
  11. S2 Dee

    Long time away

    Both me and Jan were well gutted about missing OSFDC, hopefully going to be back this year bigger if somewhat slower! 1300 power here we come! Hope all is well with you.
  12. S2 Dee

    Long time away

    Cheers, Janis is fine, if a little tired having a 10 month and 39 yr old babies to deal with.
  13. S2 Dee

    Long time away

    Thanks again one and all, spent another few hours in the garage my Mig is now home to many, many spiders! Some big ones too! So much to do before I can do anything. Hey ho, better than crapping!
  14. S2 Dee

    Long time away

    should you really have used that term? glad you're on the road to recovery... Cheers everyone. Shit was very apt.
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