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  1. thanks for the conflicting advice ? got a set of r1 carbs on an st and started it for the first time last night. it took forever before it kicked into life, hence the question for what it will take I might just connect it up
  2. hi , when running bike carbs do you have to connect the choke or are they like Weber's and will run with out it thank ian
  3. years ago, from what i remember there was a pin i knocked out then it all came apart. was pretty painless
  4. as to tour, longer is better but set cars off in small groups, by doing this you solve the problem of places to stop that can cope with all the cars in one go. you can use a smaller venue as one group is leaving the next is arriving as to sunday most people who have travelled will want to leave. get the local clubs to do a show and shine. the people who did the tour who didn't travel will stay and the ones who travelled might stay a bit longer to look at some different cars
  5. I have 5 or 6 of them. If you don't get it sorted let me know and will bring one in the morning Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  6. should run a stat, if no stat water runs too fast through rad and don;t have time to cool down get a stat for a mini runs at 74 degrees, just have to use some tin snips to cut it smaller as its a bigger diameter
  7. tunnel WILL kneed modding. if using relocation mounts gearbox just touches front of gearbox mount, put a jack in and jack the tunnel out 10 mm . if moving gearbox mount back ( about 100mm ) tunnel is ok speedo cable just reaches and i mean just, use sierra one, but if you get after market one the end that goes on the gearbox is generally too thick so the cerclip that holds it on won't fit
  8. 175 50 tyres role the arches no other mods to the car. machined 5mm off the back of the wheels (genuine rs alloys ) don't know if it's poss with jbw wheels . car is also lowered 2 inches but car might look good but drives shit handling and steering suffer + you loose 10 to 15 mph top end because the rolling radius is reduced with the tyres and it makes motorways a nightmare
  9. don't do it unless you live in newton abbot and have nothing better to do. it's a max power type of show full of modern hair dryers and not a very big show at that there is a better show on that day at killerton house broadclyst near exeter. only small but classic cars not new £5 a car £2.50 passengers
  10. 2.9 best compromise. 2.4 is too quick, very twitchy on the road as to power steering one of the beat things i,ve fitted apart from a high torque starter but you do loose some of the feed back and feel slightly detached
  11. mike at rat racing in torquay or steve at tipton garage tipton st john just outside exeter have used both and have no probs recommending them
  12. can you add me troy wayne n mark n bill n ginge to the list please all of us doing the whole weekend in separate cars thanks 01. Mexican Gerbil OSF, 2 people and dog, camping and run 02. Vista 2xOSF, 4 people, camping and run 03. Nosher OSF, 2 people, run only 04. Khanlad OSF, 1 person, camping and run 05. Stephens_xpack OSF, 4 people and dog, camping and run 06. Leo OSF, 1 person, camping and run. 07. Mark OSF, 2 people and run 08. Micheal OSF, 2 people and run 09. Jason OSF, 2 people and run 10. Aardvark101 OSF, 1 person, camping and run 11. Deltamal OSF, 1 person, camping and run 12. Mk2Ben OSF, 3 people, camping and run 13. Steve OSF, 2 people, camping and run 14. Simon OSF, 2 people, camping and run 15. Danish OSF, 2 people, camping and run 16. Kenworth W900 OSF, 2 people, camping and run 17. Mark OSF, 2 people and run 18. Darran OSF, 2 people and run 19. Gary OSF, 2 people and run 20. Paul OSF, 2 people and run 21. Mike, OSF, 2 people and run 22. mk2 matt OSF 1 person camping & run 23. troy, OSF 1 person camping & run 24. wayne n, OSF 1 person camping & run 25. mark n, OSF 1 person camping & run 26. bill n, OSF 1 person camping & run 27. ginge, OSF 1 person camping & run 28. Mk2cortina1600ejay OSF 3 people run 29. Andrew james, OSF camping & run
  13. when do we get to bye tickets? are you going to do a lakes tour thing and have a count down until they go on sale ? at the mo i want 7 and counting
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