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  1. Fancy selling the steels?
  2. What wheels and tyres are you running? They look sweet. Just bought myself a mk2 estate project
  3. Will be in touch soon for one of these, look like a nicely made piece of kit.
  4. I think i'll have to just cut off all the rotten part and see what i'm left with and go from there
  5. In the next couple weeks i need to replace the front pannel on my mk1 as the bottom part has some rust from stone chips etc over the years and is now gone through in places. I have bought a replacement front pannel which is the complete pannel, the wings on my car are fine so i don't want to disturb them any more than i need to and the top part of the front pannel where the bonnet hinges bolt onto is solid. I'm a novice to pannel replacement but am fairly confident at having a go, i'm thinking it might be better to just replace the lower half of the pannel up to where i need to as it will be easier than having to disturb the wings at the top to get the complete pannel off as the front pannel is welded underneath them. If that makes sense. Any advice appreciated from anyone who have done one before Cheers, Mark
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