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  1. jbxfr

    Replacement Circuit Boards Mk2 RS Instruments

    I also ordered replacement circuit boards, super fast delivery 6 days from the other side of the world! Confirm high quality product, highly recommended. I gave up on the original RS dash ages ago and made myself a period looking one using Racetech gauges so can go back to original. Very happy
  2. I will be camping again this year. Hopefully there will be a quiet area
  3. jbxfr

    Car Seat reupholster in the South

    There is a guy in wallington Done some first rate work for me. Can't remember his name but no is 07870 733763
  4. jbxfr

    pinto chrome rocker cover

    I have one, thin gasket. Pm me your email and I will send a couple of photos.
  5. I use red rubber grease when rebuilding any brake hydraulics
  6. jbxfr

    Mk2 Escort

    Hi I have got some drop me a pm with your details and I will chuck em in the post for you.
  7. When I modded my pedal a few years ago I welded A length of studding to end of pedal, combined with a sytec twin cable block gave me a rock solid mount with nuts either side of block securing it in place with loads of adjustment. Maybe of some help, the studding can be bent to suit.
  8. jbxfr

    Ford Fair 2015 are you coming?

    I am in Ordered my ticket and stand pass
  9. jbxfr

    My new Ashton Pinto

    All fitted up. Starts on the button Taxed it and given a few miles today well it's a beast hit the loud pedal and its keeps going and going, It is a superb engine, the sound it produces is off the scale. Hats off to the Ashton's should have got one of these years ago. Frankly it's the the round ones. Cheers.
  10. jbxfr

    Simply Ford Day at Beaulieu 2015

    I am going, never been before Looking forward to having a look round the museum.
  11. Great car wheels look great, might have to give the credit card another pasting! and treat mine to a set. What offset did you get? Pic of mine with square front plate.
  12. jbxfr

    My new Ashton Pinto

    Collected my pinto today. Safely reunited with the car Looks great and sounds even better! I am one happy bunny!
  13. jbxfr

    My new Ashton Pinto

    Supplied by the Ashton's.
  14. jbxfr

    My new Ashton Pinto

    It's a 105speed manifold