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  1. Simple answer is I'm willing to pay what I consider the correct price, couple ton for a good used spoiler is about right in my opinion
  2. I wouldn't pay 400 for a spoiler if my life depended on it, ridiculous!
  3. 10 years ago we would do something somewhere every week, this needs addressing, ain't spent a fortune on a new car to sit in the garage, get this Corona shite done and will have to sort something out, cheers x
  4. Car looks good, could do with them timber windows doing in the house
  5. Hey guys, dodgy times atm I know but wondered if we still do any of the old meets (or new ones) Hampshire/Surrey area, would be great to catch up with peeps from yrs ago, all the best xx
  6. As above, original and sensible price paid, cheers guys x
  7. I put it on gumtree but buggerd the ad up lol, would rather it went to one of our lads tbh,
  8. I cant belive this aint sold, i need the room so reduced to £1000 no offers,dont wanna put it on ebay, someone please give it a good home, i do have 4 cibies on propper brackets at extra cost.its gotta go!!!!!!
  9. Btw it starts and drives first time every time, i also have a load of new pannels to go with it (very rare)
  10. Putting the chevette up for grabs, wants a bit of welding on drivers floor and couple of other little bits, very original and comes with a load of spares, getting very rare now, only 87 left registered in uk, first £1500.00 will buy it but wont take no less, cheers
  11. Hi guys sorry been realy busy, yep will add some more pics tonight x
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