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  1. As above in white, one previous owner with fsh and 70k showing, very original and totally standard, based just outside Winchester Hampshire, advertised on behalf of a freind cheers. Looking for as close to 11k as possible Many thanks VID-20200912-WA0019.mp4
  2. F#$€ing scum of the earth, sorry to hear this sad news🤬
  3. Got mine today at long last whoop whoop
  4. Omg I'm in love, stunner 😎
  5. Top man, project's are the meaning of life!
  6. Anyone got any good news yet? I still not heard a thing!
  7. Under bonnet sound deadening, very useable condition £40 Collection only hampshire.
  8. Well that's kinda good news I guess. Cheers.
  9. As said you guys need to pay attention to this, most of us are the age where we think we can still do everything but we need to accept we cant, I was in the same position 2 yrs ago but mine all went wrong and changed my life completely, get off the fags and cut out the bacon chaps!!! All the best for a speedy recovery bud xx
  10. Congratulations, well deserved 😎😎
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