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  1. Sorry, standard steering wheel will be fitted.
  2. Don't know if im doing the right thing but I realy want another mk1 big wing, so just testing the water realy, sa 1600 sport, 7" rs copys, lowerd 2", adjustable top mounts, ali rad, hi tourque starter, electronic ignition, new alternator, the pics show twin 40's fitted but I have removed these and fitted standard, new copy cibies with covers, rear spoiler, re trimmed seats, carpet, new brakes, just done head gasket/ service, if your looking for a minter this is not for you, got marks here and there, bit of filler obviously but presentable for shows ect, turns heads every time it's out, will be
  3. As above in white, one previous owner with fsh and 70k showing, very original and totally standard, based just outside Winchester Hampshire, advertised on behalf of a freind cheers. Looking for as close to 11k as possible Many thanks VID-20200912-WA0019.mp4
  4. F#$€ing scum of the earth, sorry to hear this sad news🤬
  5. Got mine today at long last whoop whoop
  6. Top man, project's are the meaning of life!
  7. Anyone got any good news yet? I still not heard a thing!
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