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  1. I put it on gumtree but buggerd the ad up lol, would rather it went to one of our lads tbh,
  2. I cant belive this aint sold, i need the room so reduced to £1000 no offers,dont wanna put it on ebay, someone please give it a good home, i do have 4 cibies on propper brackets at extra cost.its gotta go!!!!!!
  3. Btw it starts and drives first time every time, i also have a load of new pannels to go with it (very rare)
  4. Putting the chevette up for grabs, wants a bit of welding on drivers floor and couple of other little bits, very original and comes with a load of spares, getting very rare now, only 87 left registered in uk, first £1500.00 will buy it but wont take no less, cheers
  5. Hi guys sorry been realy busy, yep will add some more pics tonight x
  6. Hey guys, i have a few bits to off load, very nice 4 spoke streering wheel with centre cap £185, nice centre consol with clock £75, nice set of black fishnet headrests, tight nets but couple of age related marks in foam but still very useable £150, good clean water bottle £25, dash top with couple of age related marks £50, got some other bits to sort out too, will try to add pics, cheers edd, ps postage at your cost x
  7. Looking for £5k no offers now or it can stay in the garage till im better, complete car with all the hard work complete.
  8. Thinking of selling my resto due to my helth issues, have a look pm if intrested, cheers edd
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