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  1. I agree, mine had just had a lot of work over the last 8 months, all was good but 2 washers on the engine crossmember had broken so the fixings had come loose . I am fairly competent with the spanner’s but a farmer as a job, I am much happier to pay someone a small fee to look over my work so when I am out playing everything should work as expected
  2. I just had mine MOT this week and it’s a 1970 , the garage said I should wait but I wanted it done so I have a full year to sort out the paperwork for exemption. I think it should be easier to declare exemption if you have an existing MOT
  3. Hello there, i am looking for a standard pinto twin choke air box, a blue one if possible. Let me know if you have one for sale and how much. cheers Raymond.
  4. Proton GT sears in my mk1. I fitted the ford seat runners to the floor on the correct holes and then made the framework so I could attach the seats to runners without any floor mods. Easy to do, and the runners make it look original. I did buy a universal seat runner but it was very heavy and made the seat sit too high so I didn't use it.
  5. Hello there, I am after a type 9 with an RS bell housing , I am based in Perthshire in Scotland. Cheers Raymond
  6. That was my plan but I thought I would see if they are out there , do it right. It only just rubs against the sump but the noise is embarrassing
  7. Hello there, I am looking for rear bowl sump for a 1.6 crossflow. I have 1.3 sump fitted and it knocks like hell. Cheers Raymond
  8. Well that's it fixed,new non ballast coil and a wire from the fuse box that works with the ignition. Starts and runs fine,ballast now removed. Thanks for all the replies. Cheers Raymond
  9. I did get it to run with the wire from the battery and the new ballast resistor was from Burton,I didn't know there was different types of resistor. I will probably just replace it all with an electronic system. Thanks for the help Raymond
  10. Hello there. I have a problem that is driving me bloody mental, I have a 1.6 cross flow MK 1 with a ballast resistor ignition, when I start the car it fires up no problem,as soon as I release the key it cuts out. If I hold the key in the start position it will continue to run but the starter is still spinning,let the key go and it shuts down. I have replaced the ballast resistor with a new one but no joy,hot wired it same result,new coil no change. If I run a wire from the battery positive to the coil positive it will run after I release the key but it also runs after I have switched off the ignition and removed the key and sounds like shit. Any ideas what the problem could be? Cheers Raymond
  11. Hello there, I am looking for these parts for a MK 2 escort. Cheers Raymond
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