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  1. This is how the car now rolls i havnt updated in ages but i have loads more pictures if anyone is intrested i can post more
  2. Cheers for the motivation This is what iv been doing today inbetween jobs etc. Couple of pics of what iv been upto taoday. I should have this side built up this week How it looks from underneath Chassis rail chopped out And a view from inside most of the floorpan cut away I will be cutting more of this away to fit the new floor
  3. After giving the car a good look over i decided it would be best to put the car onto a 'spit' After looking at a few designs i coppied this one knocked it up and got the car mounted Today! Here are a couple of pics Had to take the nose cone off to mount it Here are a couple of pics of underneath to give you a idea of what im up against lol Looks like a heap of scrap at the moment
  4. Cheers for the comments! I will get some pics up of parts iv been harvesting and then there will be more pics etc. Allan
  5. Looks pretty Wish i had engines like that just lying about lol
  6. Going down the Road registered track car route! Its never going to be a show winner Just something i can throw abit cash at and have fun with the spanners Allan
  7. Looks stunning mate Id love to hear this go at full chat! The colour cobination shouldnt work but it looks amazing Allan
  8. Not much of a project considering some of the WIP's iv read on here ! But this is the canvas i have to work with Sorry but iv coppied the thread of another site i use. Well i finished the MK2 Estate and decided it wasnt really me and that i should of gone with a 3 door. So this came up and i had a car to deliver to Cambridge and thought id collect this on the way home. 1979 RS 2000 Shell ront underneath: As you can see the chassis rails are shot t' fook! Also notice the wide gearbox tunnel Drivers side footwell again pretty bad i have just got new pannels for this today aswell as the nearside. Passanger footwell Drivers inner wing Alloy racetank platform Rear inside Delivery of repair pannels Drivers inner wing repair Well seeing as iv spent the last week and abit driving all over the country and not had time to work on the car iv been harvesting some of the parts i need. These arrived today. Capri 2.8 front Bilisteins with AP 4 pot Calipers Just need to collect my Capri 2.8 LSD rear axle I know have the axle and alot of other bits i will get pics Monday
  9. Looking well nice to see fast progress Allan
  10. Thanks for the comments! I don't think i am going to sell it now!But i still do need to sell my MGB GT
  11. Well got the laquer on took a couple of pics before i wet flat and polish it.
  12. porsche macadamia metallic http://www.autospies.com/images/users/A ... G-0917.jpg
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