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  1. So i'm deciding on what colour to spray my car but its either going to be riviera blue or olympic blue. I always thought riviera was brighter but then looking at a friends car sprayed in olympic blue his seemed to be much brighter So can ayone tell me which is brighter?? and any pictures of the both colours to compare! cheers!
  2. i thought about this again today, putting a switch on the supply cable wouldn't i lose all the memory settings? could i possibly put the switch on the earth or is this a bad idea??
  3. i'll give it a go, thanks buddy
  4. I wasn't really sure where to put this sp feel free to move it i want to wire my cd player so it turns on and off via a flick switch, but i'm unsure how to wire it up. Does anyone have the know how to do this? Diagrams would help too Thanks, james
  5. and wheres the pictures of what it looks like now
  6. try quinn direct worked for me
  7. jamesjmo

    o yes

    happy days!!! quinn direct £1173 all mods declared love it!!
  8. jamesjmo

    o yes

    just might have to tried insuring it today, tried a few companies cheapest is £2000!!!!!! like o s**t but my dad had moved abroad so he said i can be a named driver on his and get his 9 years of no claims if all goes to plan if not its either pay £2000 insurance or sell it before i've even got the chance to drive it
  9. jamesjmo

    o yes

    thanks everyone but definantly keeping the mini until i get some extra ££££££££££££ chuffed!!
  10. jamesjmo

    o yes

    passed my driving test today good stuff and what a great feeling it is too
  11. the mini siggy is my first car didnt quite get to the stage of actually owning an osf , yet!! but i soon will when im a bit older and richer i see your from cornwall did u go to the meet a few years ago i think t was at the weary ploughman??
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