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  1. Rallye

    Trip back in time

    A set of 8" Magnesium Alloys
  2. Rallye

    Pure Ford or Rally Day for 2019

    Pure Ford is growing, Rally Day is by far biggest for any petrol head. I do both
  3. Well then Ray, if ever I decide to downsize you'll be the first to know
  4. Thank you for the endorsement. Purely a hobby and mostly car related. Over the years I have provided material for calendars magazine front covers and local event promotions. I have some decent lens to marry the body. My work is all self taught so it's nice to hear when it gets appreciated.
  5. Rallye

    Mk1 Fiesta - What are they like?

    round headlight was a common conversion
  6. Rallye

    Mk1 Fiesta - What are they like?

    1.3 is nippy and light, high revving with good handling to boot. like any old ford they are very straight forward to work on with many interchangeable parts
  7. Rallye

    The Overriding Factor

    77FB-17996-AA is the Ghia-type and 77FB-17996-BA is the Supersport-type Motomobil big bumper XR2
  8. Rallye

    The Overriding Factor

    correct, XR2 share same with headlight wash
  9. Rallye

    The Overriding Factor

    add to the list MK1 Fiesta, with at least 3 variants I know of
  10. Rallye


    Cracking cars on the stand this year