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  1. Those 4 spokes look really nice, are they fitted to the Capri X Pack ?
  2. A set of 8" Magnesium Alloys
  3. Pure Ford is growing, Rally Day is by far biggest for any petrol head. I do both
  4. Well then Ray, if ever I decide to downsize you'll be the first to know
  5. Thank you for the endorsement. Purely a hobby and mostly car related. Over the years I have provided material for calendars magazine front covers and local event promotions. I have some decent lens to marry the body. My work is all self taught so it's nice to hear when it gets appreciated.
  6. 77FB-17996-AA is the Ghia-type and 77FB-17996-BA is the Supersport-type Motomobil big bumper XR2
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