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  1. I'll see if it's still there next time I go down in December. Any offers for it if I tow it back?...
  2. 1248 miles towed better than the load going down. Could hold about 62/65mph stable as a rock.300hp Diesel 4.0V8 twin turbo helped a bit!
  3. After a 2 year break which involved being based in Iraq for a year I finally transported the Tranny back to the UK After a wash doesn't look too bad. Only rot is on the steps. Engine bay not too shabby. New master cylinder installed.
  4. Give me a month Sparky and I'll be in touch.
  5. Will do Fred. I've been busy so haven't had time to go drive it back yet. All I've got to do now is bolt on a new master cylinder and change the tyres before driving back. Got it registered in my name in Italy now. Italy is FULL of old cars. Here's some from the last visit.
  6. I'm down there soon. I'll see if it's still there. Looks too good for scrap and it was parked outside! PM I sent you earlier I didn't know you meant this one!
  7. A few I could think of. VW LT series. Audi 2.0l petrol, Perkins diesel then VW's own 6cyl diesel more or less in the cabin with you. Merc 207/307 I'd describe as half cabin half bonnet access.
  8. Have a look now. Finger trouble or memory going.
  9. Try here for info. http://fordtransit.org/forum/index.php
  10. Cheers for that (most people are heading towards blowing the engine not trying to keep the strain off!)
  11. Need a few bits so thanks for the offer. PM sent. Dave
  12. I've been poncing around in this lately, hence joining, but it'll ge going to make way for a bigger commercial. (Has to carry Snap-on, spares, a bike and 2 dobies!)
  13. Greetings Trannies, here's an update of the Italian Transit I'm trying to bring back to the UK for some TLC. The story so far: After a bit of work in Paris (RIP XL.com) I jumped on the bike with me Snap-on's and rode down to Italy (near Monte Cassino) in 1 hit. 1240 miles in 16hrs. Leaving Poole. Picked up a puncture in Lyon. Bunged and pumped in 20 mins! Borrowed some air from these guys. Cheers. Crossing the Alps at Cenis. Caught up with the Monkey. Next morning on seeing the van for the first time, I discovered that the indicators had gone AWOL and wasps love living in it! But first impressions in the flesh it don't look too bad. Underneath. After getting stung a couple of times the garage owner showed me the 'method' of wasp extermination. Take a 6ft long pole stick a petrol soaked burning rag into nest. Job done. Negotiation for this van has taken a few months and the story behind it is that it belonged to a middle aged couple who farmed olives and the van was used to ferry the olives from the groves to the market. Unfortunately the Husband died in a tractor accident and the widow let the farm slide. So the van sat around for a couple of years on a bit of land at the back of the village garage. An Albanian offered her e800 last year but she said NO. In the end, due to the other half's Old Mans' bargaining skills I got it for half that. But life in Italy is not that simple. I want to keep it registered legitimately in Italy in my name. Not a problem as I'm married to an Italian and we have an address there. Road tax is e50 a year so that's a bonus as well but to transfer the registration costs over e400. Just to put the registration on hold for 60 days costs e15, the widow wouldn't even pay for that to get her name off the docs and, even though she'd been paid, she wouldn't let me take it away. In the end we compromised and moved it half a km away to the Old Mans place for security. Getting it running After sitting for over a year I stuck a new battery on it and it started in under 5 secs of turning the key! I left it running for a bit and drained the oil and changed the filter, topped up the coolant, bled the brakes and put some fresh 90w in the diff. Next time I'm down I'll take the grease gun and do the front beam but steering is nicely freed off. Exhaust is like new and just needed some rubbers. Electrics were wobbly but just cleaning the fuse panel got nearly everything back to life. Dodgy bits are dip/main switch and home made wiper switch. I replaced a broken rear light cluster and replaced some wheel nuts. Got the LH ones from a Ford dealer no problem. Overdrive works, though wiring's a bit 'Heath Robinson' I think it needs a couple of new tyres on the front. (I reckon someones had them away in the past as the back is on matching Conties in decent nick) Now I needed some indicators so I started exploring the local scrapyard. No luck but some interesting stuff sitting around. This out front. Crewcab Mk1 Gawd knows what this was. Next time down should see me driving it back now all the paperwork is sorted, just the Italian equivalent of an MOT to do but I just might flee to the border and do that next year! Did I mention the headlight glass falling into my hand and the 'indicators' (Mk1s this time!) turning up? As I was running out of time another marathon dash home of 1240 miles in 19 hrs ensued. Back down next week I'll keep you posted. This is for sale by the way to fund the Transit.
  14. 1: Best plugs for them. (Had 3 different types in it when I got it.) 2: Winding DOWN the boost without a gauge. Instructions please. Thanks. Dave
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