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  1. There's also another one in September - https://www.Retards Club.com/events/509164889224270/
  2. Anyone else interested?? Free to join!
  3. Not a problem Jack, I saw you've only entered 1 league! if you join the other one here's the code - 905704-304641
  4. You say that every year lol
  5. Rights guys it's that time of year again!! - http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ I have created 2 leagues for everyone to join, a classic league and a head to head league. Follow the link, create a team and join the leagues. Let's make it more successful than last year! The codes for the leagues are 905704-304641 and 905704-304660 Let the best man win!!
  6. RSFFE Evening Meet on the 30th of July from 7:00 PM @ Farnborough Town FC - GU14 8UD Car park big enough for 300 cars, cafe open, we hope to see you there! Retards Club event - https://www.Retards Club.com/events/1603403806576078/
  7. This is tomorrow for anyone interested!
  8. I'll be there, should be a good one! Plenty of cars on show and prizes etc
  9. RSFFE Breakfast meet on the 12th of July from 10:00 AM @ Farnborough Town FC - GU14 8UD Car park big enough for 300 cars, cafe open, we hope to see you there Retards Club event - https://www.Retards Club.com/events/1452940048361237/
  10. Just a quick one.. We are no longer holding these meets at The Gloster Pub any more as we have out grown it. Our new venue is @ Farnborough Football Stadium (GU14 8UD) Our next meet is this Thursday @ the football ground from 19:00 PM, we hope to see you guys there
  11. Wasn't me! Haven't been out in the escort today, wonder who that was??
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