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  1. Would love to pop along to the breakfast meet but me and Ryan have to be at brooklands early to sort parking etc maybe will try and get to another one
  2. Looking forward to it hopefully be 100 + cars there
  3. It was a complete load of old pony
  4. Have you got tap a talk on your phone if so you can access the site very easy and post a pic straight of your phone. If your doing it on a PC and posting from say photo bucket it should resize the pic for you hope that helps a bit
  5. Some great ford and non ford cars you peeps have
  6. I'm giving it a miss this year
  7. That's a cracking looking escort very nice
  8. Seen this once last year in farnham but not seen it again looked nice though
  9. Great work so far Leon looking forward to seeing it finished
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