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  1. if you have a number I can send them over as I cant find the lead for the phone to upload them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. will try to pot some pics on tonight , thanks for looking.
  3. sorry forgot to put the price, I would like £2100 if possible. as it has tax and mot. many thanks.
  4. hi , iv just bought a mk2 Cortina 2door , so it is with great regret that I am having to sell a mk2 Cortina 4 door on a H reg , that came from malta 3 years ago but was only registered by myself last year after finding it in a garage. GOOD BITS ; never welded , still has the plastic on the door cards (will be mint) apart from the drivers side 2inch split in plastic and minor wear on card. mint back seat (been covered all its life), bench seat (bottom mint ) original engine and box . column change (4 speed) RARE COMBINATION , not many in the UK. nice solid little 1300cc engine. first ti
  5. hi all , is the 2.0L pinto fitted to a 1988 sierra a low or high compression unit ? many thamks.
  6. hi , im in need of a set or just the drivers side engine mount for my mk2 , 1300 cortina. can anyone help ? many thanks.
  7. wanted , engine mounts for 1300cc mk2 cortina. also back part of bench seat for the same model. many thanks.
  8. Wanted mk1quater light rubbers wanted , the opening kind. Must be very good condition, cash waiting. 07903365386 many thanks. Also original mk1gt seats in good condition , 2door. Any other bits considered. Thanks for your help.
  9. Wanted , rear n/side door for my mates 1600e. Many thanks.
  10. mk2 cortina n/s rear door needed txt me i ring ya back thanks 07990845619
  11. Drivers side Mexico front wing wanted for my mates mk1, must be good condition. W.h.y ? Many thanks.
  12. Anyone know of a reliable/honest person that can prolly bush my mk1cortina ? Car will stay in my garage whilst work is done. Cheers
  13. Have you sold the wings ? I know it's a long shot but only just seen your ad. Cheers.
  14. thank you for your help , i took the vacume pipe off and brake fluid came running back from the inlet manifold ! i would never have thought of that and nor would of the mechanic ! sacked by the way lol. ordering new servo and master cylinder , gona cost a few quid but cheaper than changing engine for nothing. realy apriciate your help , if your ever down this neck of the woods the beer is on me , denny.
  15. blimey , your saying that , iv just changed all the seals in the master cylinder as it was leaking somewhere !!!!!!! and still is !!!!!! could that happen then ????????
  16. just had head off and took away by mechanic. only seem to be water in pot 1. ??????? iv just put water in till just below the top of block, and put piston 1 right down. see if pot 1 fills up over night ? thank you all for your replys , il make sure the torque wrench is in date too. where can i get a decent exhaust from , must fit cross flow in a mk1 gt cortina , is there anywhere that does 1 that fits straight on ? need 2" realy as iv got a 4,2,1 and and 3\4 system . been told i need a 4,1 and a 2" system to help her breath. its a 1760 with twin 40"s.
  17. help !!!!!!!!!! my crossflow started spuing out white smoke , so had new head gasket and re skim. fired her up and still white smoke ??????? water in number 1 pot ........ is the head cracked or the inlet manifold , or worse do you think iv cracked the block ????? starts and runs fine , just white smoke and water in number 1 . any replies welcome. cheers.
  18. this is the last time im gona try , any chance after 2pms you could add me and my mk1 cortina gt to the london to brighton run please ? cheers,
  19. thanks for that tim very interesting . cheers.
  20. yeh must be the one bud, stamshaw way. my brother bought it a few months back, stripped it got bored and iv just got my grubby little mits on it like you say not many that early in pompey.
  21. yes bud, pale blue/green. no new wings though ? tht was some guess
  22. cheers for that, il try ang google it.
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