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  1. I did see the Classic Ford mag photographer mooching around the stand midday, so there's hope yet
  2. Im sorted now, so if any become available they're all yours James
  3. If that ones available you're more than welcome to it James as its mainly a stand pass im after
  4. Because im stupid and completely forgot to order my CF Show tickets and stand pass early......don't suppose anyone has a stand pass for the Old skool Ford stand they don't need? Tickets I can pay on the gate for, just don't fancy parking in the car park My stupid fault for forgetting
  5. Replied to your PM man, will get in touch with the organisers and arrange a stand as soon as
  6. After a pair of Mk1 Escort Steering arms...like these.. http://www.burtonpower.com/parts-by-category/steering-suspension/steering-parts-misc/escort-rs-capri-steering-arms-pair-escarm.html Thanks in Advance
  7. Finally I can express my love for Mk5 Escort 5 doors with Max Power style kits :D
  8. Mehhh, I can live without all that Although, im sure I posted then, wheres my stuff?
  9. I litterally can't wait for it to be lower Plan is to loose the arch gap at the front, roads aren't too bad round here, the suspension route im going I don't have to worry too much about speedbumps
  10. Ill be there...... think Ross might be there too SebringRS Rossmk2
  11. Just started getting the bits ready for jobs before show season, full suspension overhaul.......needs more lows this year
  12. 1.Vista 2.Dalmarshall 3.Benjy 4.Paulfosk 5. Brettp 6. Mk2 mike 7. Rallye 8. Scootlife 9. Mattsbmw 10. SebringRS 11. Skippy
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