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  1. HI Kieran is cool if keep osf38 again please mate I too tight to by a new sticker lol plus it means Snr want have to remember a new number lol
  2. Try http://www.wrightsautosupplies.co.uk/ they do load os stuff in metric UNF UNC and all sorts of weird and wonderful nuts and bolts I use them myself and highly recommend them
  3. this weekend is the 5th round of the OSFDC so there should be quite a few of us up there
  4. sweet these means your coming to retro with the might 16v?
  5. arrr ruthless friends ever one has them I have a mate who is famous for picking up stuff cheep or free and then selling it on at inflated prices to friends and even family members. Unfortunately some people have no consens when it comes to money.
  6. NeilT

    2016 Season

    mine is off to TAM HQ at then end of the month to start the thrash to get this years upgrades ready manly thanks to my wonderful misses who gave me my wedding present a full year early cos in her words "i need to go faster and this will help". She only went a bought me a LSD as a wedding present complete axle rebuild and new CWP also sticking a new 28i gear box in as the old one needs some tlc lol
  7. you coming out to play this year Ferny??
  8. that want be to confusing 2 very similar cars running very similar number lmao look forward the the timing team at the pod giving you to the wrong tickets lol Nick good to have you racing mate got to love a V6 in a carpi
  9. i have my new ones and they are top quality and lovely t-shirts
  10. such a clean bay and such a lovely motor build
  11. welcome back love the look for the granny
  12. dont think its the mk 3 escort one
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