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  1. Hi everyone. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what the information on the tag I removed from a type3 gearbox means ? Cheers Jay
  2. Here is one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ford-alloy-wheel-tyre-/320647735318?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aa8182816 jay
  3. I have been using Flickr for years now... Some old skool ford at Classicford Show, Santa Pod Raceway 01.06.2008 Jay
  4. c4pre

    orange capris

    With a little time and patients you can get very good results with cans, a local paint shop mixed me up 12 cans to the exact colour match to my car using quality paints, even did me a deal which was cheaper than Hlafords. The paint match was perfect. I have a few cans left for any time I need a touch up. The bonnet and just the fronts of the wings have been painted in this image.
  5. A resent image taken of mine!!!! [url[/url]
  6. Have you tried expressed Panels, they do repro ones for the Pre and face lift models, and also a budget one for lower section. http://www.steelpanels.co.uk/index.html http://www.steelpanels.co.uk/capri1ec.html
  7. Was not sure just how long we had on the line up before they started, and so did not want to find my self at the far end of line up when everyone was asked to enter the track, so it was a quick dash to the start of the line and then snap as many as quickly as possible. trust me that was one long long line of Capri's, just checked the timings of the images and it took me 08 Minutes 07second to take all the images of the line up, there are lots more pictures of the day, that I will post soon. P.S i do like many other models, I am sure you will enjoy these. Jay
  8. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tailorjaye ... 931603952/ Image of all the Capri's and Anglia's line up for the Ford 2009 Cavacade. I am sure I missed some late comers, as we were given the shout to enter the track. Jay
  9. Wishing you all the best Jay (C4PRE)
  10. There is some information on the capri MK1 owners club site. http://www.caprimk1ownersclub.com/national_events.htm Jay
  11. 1971 they are the original one as far as i know, the car is running on all original parts i have had it over ten years, only changed the water pump aand alternator bearings. do you think it could be the flexies? cheers j
  12. Thanks everyone, Cheers for the mention Tony, had spent the last month and a half getting the body work sorted, and was up to 03:00 am putting the external bits of the car back on, then had the brakes fail on me, was well gutted to be going home, was not sure if I could fix it, well the peddle came back , so took a slow gentle drive up, was nice meeting you Tony, shame I did not get to meet anyone else, looking forward to meeting next time, One issues sorted but now the car pulls to the left on braking, checked both front calipers, and checked and adjusted the rear drums, still no change. Any one had this problem before? Cheers Jay. P.s thanks again Tony for bringing the rear Louvre and also for the kind mention.
  13. Still finishing of the car, look forward to seeing you all in the morning. Jay
  14. I have always been keen to find out what the information on the body tag on my Capri meant, have looked on line, and could not find any information. so any information or links to sites would be great. Jay
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