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  1. Hi wanted 105e English axle casing and shafts only ...cash waiting
  2. Hi any one got a pair of mk2 cortina legs ,hubs and steering arms they will part with ?
  3. Hi any one got a pair of mk2 cortina struts they want to part with ? Complete would be best ?
  4. Yes mate that's my pop and yes we were at the ba wingspan summer show ..
  5. Another Big thanks to Simon and Marc @ CF Mag. My car is on the front cover and a feature inside.
  6. top looking car mate can't wait to see it in the flesh..
  7. well done frenchy , still stunning looking car mate
  8. first time to the ba wingspan meet , cant wait weather is looking good toooo
  9. Another top show lads. Thanks for makeing me welcome good to catch up with you all Thanks gary and olive and everyone who voted my car best on club stand and thanks for the trophy ....
  10. Hi has anyone got any zetec maps you will share with me 2ltr silvertop,bvh,unkown cams , bike carbs. Running fairly standard map at moment to get some miles on motor. Cheers Mark
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