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  1. Was looking for a ' good ' Granny club to join, Erm! I think last few posts have shot that in the foot, surely, ' we / clubs / groups etc.' are there to help each other, not ' slag off ' Don't think I would cope too well with that kind of behaviour. I am proud of my car ( as are most of us ) , with all her failings , rust spots as well LOL ( soon to be repaired ). Chris..
  2. WOW! Thanks for all the welcomes,all! Update is, I've got ' Granny' up to my own garage, but due to ill health haven't managed to do much, now tax & mot has run out, awaiting insurance to get her new mot, then work can commence. Chris..
  3. Wow! at JAY PS's info, was wondering is it possible to get more up to date info on apprx. how many MkII's are left, especially for personal info, MkII 2.8 Ghia X. Would be great to know Chris..
  4. Hi all, Have been searching net for a cpl. of nights with no luck so far. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase rear window louvres, body kit & the low front spoiler with 2.8 embossed, for 1984 MkII Granada 4dr ? I am also looking for the vinyl dahsboard surround ( pref in black ), mine has a cpl. of cracks & a split Thanks in advance! Chris..
  5. Looks Great, Mine is gold at the moment. Hoping to do her in black, ( wife arguing with black says it too much like a funeral car ). If when she's done hope she will look at least half as good as yours Chris..
  6. Hi all, Thanks for accepting my membership. I've had a quick look round, & congrats on a great site, I am 47 yr young ex Countryside Ranger ( hence ' ACE ' ( Animals/Conservation/Environment ), living in NW UK, Lancs. I have just acquired a MkII Granada 2.8 Ghia X. She is still in bro in laws garage till tax & insurance, as soon as I get her ' home ' will take & post some pics. Chris..
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