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  1. Kind of new this one may be a minefield! Thanks to everyone who posted. Most educational indeed. From all of of your shared wisdom I think an ATB is for me. Now if anyone hasn't fitted and forgotten or has gone plate hardcore ( so I now understand!) and has an ATB suitable for my original Anglia half shafts, message me!
  2. Thanks people... Plenty of work to get done before June 1st... Gotta get those spanners flying to fit the right LSD
  3. Duff diffs. What ones best?

  4. Apologies if this is a uneccesary new thread... and point me in the right direction if youve all covered this one. Looking to fit an LSD to the English axled Anglia 105e. Currently got a 4:1 out of a wrecked Mk2 in the back which is all fine... but want to feel more planted on the track. Any guiding experiences with Quaife ATB’s or Tran-X (or other) plate type diffs?... I tour, track day and do the shows so Im not after anything with too hardcore!... just looking for better drivability, launches, cornering etc. Thanks.
  5. Hi... new guy into this one as at the moment and currently Ive got cheapo 185/60/13’s... I Tour in the 105e... Le mans classic, Spa & as many UK shows as poss (wet and dry spring-autumn) but also use the box at brands hatch track days (and hopefuly a few more) so... Yoko A539s (£59) or the TOYO Proxie CF1’s (£55) for good (stickier) performance? ...or does anyone know the cost of the 175/55/13 Avons? Thanks.
  6. Always lurked and never posted... but 2014 will change that! Have applied for tickets to be on the stand at the CF show on June 1st so will be able to say hello in person then. I have a OEW 105e that was featured in CF back in October 2010... looking forward to the banter! Lindsay.
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