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  1. Got a set of 4 wheels and tyres . Et -7 , 4 x108 pcd . Were on my mk1 tina. All in good condition , polished rim with black centres. 225 ono Message me for details. Cheers puddy
  2. I heard they did and i missed it , anyone confirm this? Cheers puddy
  3. My springs have been decambered as well. Lotus cortinas ran them as standard on leaf spring models iirc Puddy .
  4. Looks like Monaco red to me as dragoon is deffo darker iirc Puddy ps . Sits right !
  5. Use my mk1 every day. Did do the mk1 tina owners cub do at stratford at the beginning of the month and went to local pub meet as well first tuesday. Must get out more but my 350lc does take up a lot of my time in the summer months. Puddy ps. Was booked for classic ford weekend and Bromley pageant but had head gasket and running issues at the time. All good now tho
  6. Don't forget the nose angle of the diff as well. Mine was pointing upwards when i did mine. I cut the lowering blocks in half to make wedges ala mk1 lotus tina. Puddy
  7. You also need capri rear spring hangers because the eye of the spring is much bigger and will just sit against the chassis leg. Puddy
  8. Are you having a summer show john ? Cheers puddy
  9. Wow i never thought i would see the day that there was no osf stand at cf show. Worse than that the absolute apathy that there isn't one. Guess the two go hand in hand. Is this the beginning of the end of 'old skool ford' ? Puddy
  10. Really ? When I was testing , the data base at dvla / visa dictated what needed checking . Puddy
  11. Bought my mk1 tina a gallon of fuel and fired it up again , haven't used it for a couple of months. Had a look at my mk2 in the lockup today when I had to pick up a couple of wheels and wished I hadn't lol Puddy Ps. Col don't forget what I said about 5th gear on the t5 gbox rebuild.
  12. I think you will find that a "w" reg is 1980 / 81 not seventies ........ lol
  13. How are they going to mot a car that is exempt , I assume that when the tester puts in the vehicle details on log in , it will not come up ? Puddy
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