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  1. this is going to be lovely when done, and nice running gear too! looking forward to the next update.....
  2. the old van shell is really starting to come together now.. heres the latest few progress pics..... the wings and doors fitted up and checked for gaps etc,.....looking like all will work out fine with a bit of fettling... theres a bit of a wait for some more of the required panels to arrive due to good old covid....rear corners etc from expressed panels... so in the meantime, damien is concentrating on a few other repairs that need doing, like the upper bulkhead under the heater bubble...
  3. thats actually the underside of my mk2 drift car!..thats an atlas arb kit from gp4 fabrications, that is designed to mount onto the axle and drop link up to weld on brackets on the rear chassis legs, but as you can see i modded it to work the other way around on the english axle with the weld on watts linkage bracket.. it made a nice difference to the car transitioning from one direction to the other.. awesome project by the way!😎😎
  4. yep alan, thats the complete section including box panel..
  5. the shell is really starting to come together now....fitting the full panel sections has proved to be a great plan....it saves so much work fitting smaller sections and finishing joints etc.... as a mk2 lower bulkhead panel was fitted, the mk2 pedal box and heater box were trial fitted and look good....the plan is to run the much better mk2 heater box, and mod the mk1 heater controls and cables to work with it ....
  6. theres just something about a black rs,....and yours will be simply stunning in its new coat of paint! lovely original shell... keep up the good work!
  7. some great progress pics arrived today.....new floorpan sitting in place, and front end panels sitting in place for mocking up.... starting to look the part now!!
  8. heres the latest installment of progress pics...i was lucky to come across a genuine rear panel for the van a year or so ago....its one positive i find with these projects that run on a couple of years and sometimes get side tracked for longer, that sometimes bits turn up when your not even looking for them.. the inside panel was in good order apart from a small repair needed at the bottom, and a slit that was put in the past to no doubt get access to repair a bashed rear panel! its also good to know
  9. it proved a wise decision to replace the full floor section as it was discovered that the chassis legs ( despite being in good order ) were almost full of some sort of mud or silt which would not be good long term.. they will be cleaned out, prepped, primed and painted so the cavity wax will do its job properly when the van is finished.. front end looking as bare as it can be!! included in the large shopping list of panels a
  10. so, to bring things up to date where we are with this project..... although i knew the shell needed attention in some of the common escort areas, having had a bit of a tidy up and cover up in the past, the most important thing as far as i was concerned when buying it, was that the van specific areas, roof gutters/load area/side panels/chassis legs/inner rear panel and back corners were in good order needing little or no repair...so no hunting for almost impossible to find genuine old stock van parts which command silly money if they can be found....
  11. wow...i just looked back on my old escort van thread and noticed its going on over 10 years at this stage!! so as its turned into much more than just a simple reshell of my old mk2 van, i figured i may as well start a new thread here.. i know the site doesent see much traffic nowadays, but its still invaluable to have a record of everything thats being done somewhere permanent thats easy to go back and check out whenever its needed for reference etc.. so, to get up to speed on where its at.....i had got my hands on a mk2 van shell needing a lot less work th
  12. you do know the date has been changed mate? http://www.rally.ie/index.php/stories/180129-085734
  13. will see if i can find any additional info and pm you mate. stage locations usually arent given out until a day or so before the event to prevent illegal recce etc.
  14. you will deffo enjoy it mate...awesome event!!
  15. i dont do any competiton with the mk2 anymore,...just a couple of drift track days a year for the laugh,....ive tidied it up a bit and made it road legal along with a nicer clutch and exhaust tunnel etc so i can take it on runs and stuff. im actually enjoying the car more being able to do different stuff with it at less expense!!
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