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  1. after 41 years of being one with the car........ im gonna remove the script from the boot and bonnet..............is there anything i need to know before i stuff any of the script ????
  2. will take pics in the morning , i still have origional interior, hope that will help ? hope these help ???
  3. South Africa is no different, where i work , we injection mould car parts and with the world wide decline we are under the same retrenchment policy.................we work on L I F O,seen some good blokes leave !!
  4. Lagoon Blue !!!!!!!! its 40 year old paint , my Daughter suggested fix all the rust and dents, then clear coat the entire car, What do you say to that ?
  5. Guys how does the badgeing come off , i know the wheel arch trim is bolted on, and the other trim is clipped on, this is for the FORD trim ??
  6. Grizz Rian, is your avitar your ride......................SWEET if it is, i also have a 63 Split window VW bus and an 82 1300 kawasaki.......
  7. Thank you, so its not as easy as it looks, our spares support for older cars is a real bitch here, so you always trying to make a plan, and IMPORTING with the current exchange is just plan silly !!!
  8. Guys am i right in saying that the color of my OSF is lagoon blue ????
  9. would like to know if i can swop my 69 1300 escort 1 starter, which is the pull type and solinoid on the bulk head to a starter with solinoid attached, the push type, i dont know the types and names you guys use ????
  10. truely awsome my 69 mrk 1 is the same color, and i am all so keeping it , nice work m8, i see you guys also do VWs my other passion !!
  11. Congratulations to you an your seat cover, on the birth of you little one, regards BAB and fam
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