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  1. Hi all, Me and 3 mates are doing a charity drive in a banger worth £200 to Barcelona in the summer. We are doing in aid of Diabetes UK and if anyone would like to sponsor, we would be really grateful. Click link below to sponsor and see photo's of the BEAST http://www.diabeteschallenge.org.uk/challenge/beachbums Thanks in advance Ade
  2. My dad says that the "wind slammer" did help mpg although his main reason was that he could hit 80mph rather than 75mph. The 2.8 with the caravan was funny because you could see the look on peoples faces as you went passed them with a caravan on the back. He is now in his early 70's and still drives like a nutter in his Forester Turbo with the caravan on!!lol
  3. Nothing wrong with a bt of good old fashioned child labour!!
  4. Certainly seemed more peaceful. Or was it that I was still a kid with no worries?
  5. Whilst at my dads earlier, I scanned a few pics of his old cars. Mainly fords, but a few non. Quite cool though. I personally liked the anglia. Pity it was before my time!! My 6 yar old son cant believe the ittle lad standing by the Triumph mk1 is me. Also I have checked the DVLA enquiry, and the black 2.8 (A820 PEW) is still taxed. Anyone know of it
  6. I will come in my daily. (that sounds wrong!!) When?
  7. Looks a goodun' I still think your mk 1 is the best looking Capri I have seen. imo
  8. If thats what happens in France whilst driving a cab, best I get on the Autotrader & Stella line websites
  9. Thanks everyone. I got hold of the pump and it fired into life (the pump that is) then touched the key and the old gal burst into life. Wahoo!! Does this mean the pump is on it's way out, or did I touch a terminal? Thanks again for all your advice
  10. Help. Week before last, I parked up the 2.8 and thought "there's not a lot of fuel left, I will have to get some at the weekend". Last Saturday I jumped in and drove about 10 yards and she stopped!! Obviously fuel I thought, but I was in a rush so I left it and decided to get some in the wek. Wednesday, I put 2 gallons in, but it still wont start. It turns over great, but not a hint of firing. I have had another crack this morning but still no luck. There doesnt seem to be a smell of fuel which I would have expected after turning over for a bit. Any ideas? I am no mechanic, but I dont mind having a go at any easy thoughts. Cheers Ade
  11. Being an elderly 37 I pay £165 fully comp for my 2.8. Bear in mind I am a dreaded company car driver, so no 'no claims bonus'. I thought that was cracking. It is a limited mileage policy through good old Fluxy
  12. Adrian Flux do special rates on Capri's. I know you get extra discount if you're a member of the CCI. I also think you get the same if you are a paid upmember on this site.
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