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  1. hope everyones ok, and they are up and running asap.
  2. I`ve always stayed well clear of those tyres on any of my cars, i think they are dangerous new let alone aged.
  3. most leave the standard handbrake in situ and then plumb one like above in at an angle to the side, got both then , cant fail mot.
  4. gotto use the 4 link kit with slipper springs , then either panhard rod or watts linkage.
  5. 150 crossflow would be nice, keep us updated when the its run in.
  6. looks nice sat in that engine bay, what sort of power are you expecting?
  7. George and Mildred love it
  8. Fair play the car looks great, and there are always things todo and improve on them isnt there.
  9. Good luck with your new venture, your work speaks for itself so cant see you beeing quiet.
  10. i think the `stance` is just right on the front to rear but that exhaust would haveto be `altered`, it would wind me up.
  11. Merry Christmas all. Ok OSF mum i`ll be carefull .
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