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  1. Can anyone tell me if any other early Fords shared the same propshaft? My g/box output has 20 splines.Im after a complete prop,or just the front half. Thanks.
  2. ok guys,thanx very much for info.I think I'll stick with the juice system,cos in the long run it will be cheaper. Thanks
  3. Thanks..I always seem to come back to the comfiness of the cars and engines I understand the most!
  4. Not exactly new here,but havent been on in quite a while,so thought I'd re introduce myself and wot Im up to lately! I'm currently building a 3 wheeler car,using a Cortina engine and box in a Triumph Spit chassis.The engine will drive the single rear wheel,through a Spitfire diff. Its all going roughly to plan,but Ive come up against a Ford based problem,which Ive asked about elsewhere on here. Regards .......
  5. Hi All Havent been on here in quite a while.I hope this is ok to ask here.............. Im now into yet another one off project,using a 1300 mk2 cortina x flow eng/box . This 'box has a juice clutch,but Im wondering if it is poss to convert it to a cable operation,as I happen to have a new mk2 Escy cable laying about.I am using the pedal box from a Triumph Spitfire. Making the bracketry isnt the problem,but Im wondering if this has been done by anyone on here. IE is it effective ,or not worth the hassle? Alternative is to buy a new master and slave cylinder plus pipework,which doesnt appe
  6. RED


    Ive got a 123 merc with HIC. Its got full air susp.(lowrider)They call it "adjustable Suspension". Had no probs insuring it . on a classic car policy. But was wondering about modified vehicles as in engines etc . Would that be under a non NCB policy?
  7. Im looking to get a modified 100e or similar. How is the insurance classed on these ? ie ..classic modified? Do I need a NCB for it ,or is it like classic cars where the NCB isnt required? Thanks
  8. By way of bumping up my post count,thought you may like to see a list of my Ford ownership over the years...... Anglia Estate Anglia vans x 2..(1 had 1500 Lotus block /rods,lowered etc) anglia saloon 100e x 2 (1 had 1600x flow,Cortina legs etc.) 100e van-2l pinto upright pop x 2 (1 with MGA engine)(1 with bellamy front end) mk1 cortina x 2 mk5 cortina x 2 mk1 tranny x 2 (1 had 10" roof chop and v6)(one had to move but had body cut ,and partially channeled 6"0 mk2 escy x 2 mk2 cortina estate Ford powered ... Locost -1100x flow Hiace Van-2l pinto (then Rover v8) c
  9. Thanx for welcomes. Gotta get my post count up to get pics in the wanted section!
  10. Hi All Just had a major panic attack trying to recall my username ,as havent been on here in ages. Im here to see whats going on in the OSF world . Built loads of Fords over the last 30 years,Anglias ,Mk1/2 Cortinas,100E'S upright pops,Transits,Ford powered kit cars etc............ Got a lowrider Merc that I want to swap/deal for a 100e/transit or whatever etc,cos I 'm thinking about going back to Fords. Is it poss to post an advert ,and in what area of the site please? Regards Rod
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