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  1. Exactly the wort of thing I was after - thanks Jo
  2. doh! then, yes please, if you have a photo of it on a car that would be perfect
  3. I wouldn't say no - but i was mostly wondering if anyone had a photo of it to hand in their car window - i have the file obviously but it would look much nicer actually on a car
  4. I'm making a portfolio of design work that I have done and I wondered if anyone has a high res pic of either a drag challenge sticker or the 10 year anniversary sticker on their cars that they wouldn't mind sharing? cheers
  5. i need to check with the wife that we can do those dates but deffo up for it again - it was a lovely weekend
  6. it was a lovely weekend, well worth the trip and that field can hold a fair few more cars so next year it'll be even bigger and better thanks everyone
  7. Sign me up for next year for sure! 500 odd miles was a big ask for my temperamental old thing but we made it there, drove around and made it back without incident. I haven't been on many tours but it was the most relaxed and yet well organised that I have experienced - huge thanks to everyone involved The tour notes and the quiz as we went round were great. the drunken quiz at the campsite was a lot of fun in the evening too Camping really added to the experience so I recommend that part to anyone considering joining in next year I really need to get some new foam in my sea
  8. my car was so full the rear wheels were rubbing when i went out for a test drive! we'll be at clackets just before 10
  9. i just picked mine up from the garage. seems to start now so that's nice see you all tomorrow
  10. i guess these are the special camping outdoor plugs? - not normal home ones
  11. my escort broke down a bit (again) on sunday but it's currently in the garage getting sorted so better that it happened then rather than on the tour it's not made the wife any happier about driving miles in the "death trap" though
  12. yeah glasto is going to be a lot of fun getting past i expect!
  13. well up for it, should be a lovely weekend (and I'd like to make it to a few local meets too - medway monkeys in particular)
  14. YES! is that 10 mins drive? because there's no way I'm going to Buckfast land and not partaking in some of that sweet sweet loopy juice
  15. finally got round to booking - the wife is up for it but only if we go to buckfast for health giving tonic wine
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