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  1. yay it passed its mot again..... Bloomin forum wont let me post the link to photobucket so I can show the rat off tho
  2. Just to keep everyone informed, she's as she was when I bought her... apart from I have now debadged the boot and resprayed that. Going to fit the front bumper this week - if the weather gets better Then i got to sort out the ignition as it seems to have been buggered up (thanks Lee!!), and hopefully she will run again after the head gasket work.... grrrr Considering selling at the moment as I have run out of space and have a new project. Any interest please PM...
  3. thanks for them pics and info!! Going to be sticking a satin black boot hatch on the back (as it has a matt/satin bonnet on currently)... letting it run like that for a while.. then pinting huge red flames on the front (which may or may not end up looking like road kill)... Then when I'm feeling lucky taking it off the road for a month or so to get the a pillars and scuttle sorted (have a donor laser all ready - front end write off - met a tree)... and the nasty crease on the passenger side inner wing straightened out... and who knows where from there.. when I can I will stick a pic
  4. Hi and greetings from not so sunny Weymouth. New to this forum, but I couldnt resist an ask... recently purchased a rolling resto project (got it through its MOT with a few points to work out, and then its off to the local Capri Jedi for a lot of tidying up and rebuilding some shaky bits). Anyhow I'm now terrorising my town driving around in it. I am interested in finding out if anyone has any photos of the car from the past. The only clue I have is that it has the oldskoolford sticker across the windscreen! In case you know the car but forgot the registration its a MK2 in stratos sil
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