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  1. Any updates mate, loving this build.
  2. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/ford_escort_1300_sport#!manufacture According to this there are 4 taxed and 10 sorned, I would imagine there is a lot more tucked away garages and barns that have been off the road since before we had to declare cars as sorned.
  3. Great work there mate, I've got a 1300 sport waiting for me to start work on it.
  4. Top job that mate, are the inner wings the Magnum ones?
  5. I had a pair of new genuine Ford Mexico wings some years ago and they were black, I ended up selling them on as I wanted bubble arches and didn't want to cut them up. I've still got a NOS standard wing which is also black.
  6. Hi mate hope it don't sell as you've put so much work in to it. Where did you get your sills from and how did you find them to fit?
  7. Great job there mate, keep up the good work.
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