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  1. hi all thought it was about time i started a thread well the plan is to fit a 24v bob cosworth engine and strip and rebuild the car cut out all the rot and respray the car well now for the piccies this it wot the car looked like before i started engine bay striped and cleaned new front panel and wings fitted and primed new sills fitted engine bay painted engine fitted wheel choice finnally made right i have also got gearbox and axle fitted i have also polybushed the whole front bed have also sorted the brakes all new copper pipes and braided hoses now currantly building the exhaust system in stainless which is proving a nightmare trying to get 2 and a half inch pipe over the axle but getting there just waiting for my mate to finish the electrics and should be ready to fire up i have also fitted the scorpio fuel pump into the cortina tank and run all new fuel lines will take some more piccies when i get a chance well thats where i am at the moment will update again later when a little further along cheers darren
  2. hi all was helping brother clear his lock up out today and found this x pack kit for a mk2 escort being a cortina guy dont have a clue what to ask for it as i will be putting in the for sale section and must have a price what do you think its worth could be worthless i dont know it looks like it will need work but basicly all there ford stamped in the front panel looks like when it was removed some of the escort it was attatched to came with it cheers darren
  3. nope not yet but i am sure he will get round to it if not i will post on bsc im sure some one will know
  4. himate i am in drayton just outside norwich
  5. hi all does any one have a list of paint colours and codes for mk 5 cortinas and wot colour is my car in the sig code is R2 if thats any help not sure if cardinal or radiant red cheers
  6. hi all been offered a big valve head for 2.0 pinto just wondered wot cam to run so i dont have to make any mods to the bottom end and get the best out of it any advice would be good cheers
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