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  1. New monthly event has just been started at the recently re-opened Clock Warehouse in Shardlow.The venue is doing full breakfasts and is actively promoting classic/vintage/retro car meets for all marques, this will be the first event. 17th December 2017 - 9:30 to 12:30The Clock WarehouseLondon RoadDerbyDE72 2GL https://www.Retards Club.com/events/283271932183160/
  2. Many years ago I had my MG Manifold Stove Enamelled and 10 years later with constant use Road/Track it still looks just as good. IIRC it cost about 60 Quid for the whole process.
  3. Mine are all built, but TBH does it matter as it down to the person. Some people dont have the skills/knowledge to build or would just perfer to outsource the work, whilst other sare the opposite. In my own view if its bought or built I look at the car and the owner in the same way EPIC
  4. Could not make it as it was too short notice, should be at the next one though.
  5. Not OSF's but at my local scrappers Classics have started pouring in; Imps 2002 BMW 3 Alegros (ok they probably deserve it LOL) 2 chevettes None of the above would be worth 2k esp in the state they were but all had MOT!
  6. Yes do it. Perfect chip fat burner, I would run a Durv in the Capri if it had daily duties.
  7. To someone who can weld thats easy bud.
  8. ^ what I thought too. I am just going to send it off without the report and then jump through the hoops if it comes back. What happens if the engine is bored to higher CC, there is no physical change is there externally. TBH its just for those people who dump massive engines in I reckon.
  9. Satin black just suits the Capri so much, I am trying to refrain from doing it to mine.
  10. Buggers forgot to buy my tickets. On that now.
  11. To get mine to slide I dont need to flip a tab though. Just wind it the oposite way to tilt. Or am i getting something wrong here?
  12. From ravenshead so goot a join up!!
  13. go to www.superantispyware.com Download the free edition, run and install then follow the instructions. A scan will take about 20mins and should fix your issue.
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