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  1. New monthly event has just been started at the recently re-opened Clock Warehouse in Shardlow.The venue is doing full breakfasts and is actively promoting classic/vintage/retro car meets for all marques, this will be the first event. 17th December 2017 - 9:30 to 12:30The Clock WarehouseLondon RoadDerbyDE72 2GL https://www.Retards Club.com/events/283271932183160/
  2. Afternoon people. OK so my "standard" system is past its best so I have been thinking about getting a better exhaust system. Of course Janspeed seem to be the Dogs T*ts but this also means the price is WAAAAAAYYYY up there. So has anyone had any experience with the Sportex ones, OK they are Mild steel, but the car is hardly used so it will last a good while. Whats the fit like? Also what size is best as I see they do 2" or 3", is the 3" a bit Chavvy in the noise or is the burble just pant wetting? P.S. I've heard that the 3" wont fit correctly over the axle, even on standard ride height (mine) is this right? Cheers in advance Nathan
  3. Many years ago I had my MG Manifold Stove Enamelled and 10 years later with constant use Road/Track it still looks just as good. IIRC it cost about 60 Quid for the whole process.
  4. Morning guys I was wondering if you could give me a ball park figure for my car as I am thinking of selling. Here is the details. Capri Mk3 205 2.0 Pinto New HC Pistons High torque cam Veriner Timing gear New valves and Spray bar Braided Brake lines all round New pads front and rear New brake pipes (rear axle) New wheel bearings all round Lowered 2" all round 4 New tyres New Steering rack + Track rod ends Recaro grey interior New ROT FREE!!! Front Valence I have also colleected all the conversion parts (Apart from lsd and struts) to convert her to 2.8 This includes: 2.8 40k mile (some service history, I drove the car the engine was in and it was perfect, I have since painted the engine up etc) All injection components 2.8 Janspeed Exhaust 2.8 Crossmember 2.8 Power rack + Pump New Poly bushes for front axle Anti roll bar 2.8 Tank 2.8 Janspeed Manifolds 2.8 Engine mount 2.8 Engine mount rubbers (new in packet) Full v6 Gasket set (not been touched) The current 2.0 engine has only been in there a year, its also only covered 2000 Miles since I rebuilt it, the car itself has no real rot issues (rear spring hangers sills etc are fine), someone has repaired the Strut tops in the past. The front lip of the bonnet is going as someone has filled this before I got the car, also the passenger sill has been dented. The car flew through its last MOT with no advisories, since I have owned her I have not used it in the wet so I am confident it will pass its next MOT. In terms of driving its perfect (Better than my "no expense spaired" MGB). Currently she has MOT and TAX till April. TBH I dont know what its worth, how much it as a total package would be if I did decide to sell. Cheers Nathan
  5. I go through there quite often in mine but its paris blue slammed.
  6. Mine are all built, but TBH does it matter as it down to the person. Some people dont have the skills/knowledge to build or would just perfer to outsource the work, whilst other sare the opposite. In my own view if its bought or built I look at the car and the owner in the same way EPIC
  7. Glad this came up as I am just replacing mine on the new v6 Xmember
  8. Could not make it as it was too short notice, should be at the next one though.
  9. Not OSF's but at my local scrappers Classics have started pouring in; Imps 2002 BMW 3 Alegros (ok they probably deserve it LOL) 2 chevettes None of the above would be worth 2k esp in the state they were but all had MOT!
  10. Yes do it. Perfect chip fat burner, I would run a Durv in the Capri if it had daily duties.
  11. Yeah basically the bottom cup and shock move as they are supposed to, but the top cut stays still thus the spring moves around in the top cup. So is that normal, sorry if I am describing it wrong. I will get some pictures this weekend to assist in what I mean.
  12. Right had another look, maybe this will shed some light. When I jacked the front of the car up and move the steering it seems the spring and the shock move but the upper cup stay still this is causing the spring to move away from the upper cup on each turn. After a while it looks like some tension builds and the wheels start to try and self return. I am guessing there is supposed to be a shim between the upper cup and the mounting plate above it?
  13. Humm I dont remember seeing any washers at the top apart from the one with locating tabs. I will jack her back up again today and have a look, could it be someone left these out and the issue has not arisen since installing the harder/shorter springs. If so are the Chock washers easy to come by?
  14. Hi All ok just got myself some lowering springs for the capri only dropping her an inch so nothing drastic but we are finding some issues. 1. when the car is jacked up and srpings are fitted as per haynes, if we turn the wheels the top cup does not rotate with the spring and shock. The cup is on the spring nice and neat to start with, is this normal? 2. Probably related to number one, but once the car is off the jack the camber of the front wheels is more than I would of thought from a 1" drop, also it seems the piston nut and retainer are higher than usual well higher than they were with the standard springs. Wonder if anyone has any ideas. Many thanks. Nathan
  15. To someone who can weld thats easy bud.
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