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  1. I thought You can only keep your no claims for two years if your not using it,after that you can back to zero.
  2. Thanks. My current insurance is with footman James’s so will speak to them at renewal time.
  3. I have had a works van for around 18 months and only use the wife’s car occasionally on her insurance. is there any insurance companies that will let me use my no claims bonus I have on my classic car policy??i have a cortina which is due renewal soon and i have full no claims which will go back to zero if I don’t use it. Thanks Paul.
  4. Thanks for the offer but it’s a it out side my budget..
  5. As above Iam looking to upgrade my 1300pre xflow to a 1600 xflow. Complete running engine preferred, don’t mind if it’s missing carbs manifolds etc.must be around the yorkshire/ Lancashire area or if your willing to pallet up and post that’s fine.its going into a mk2 cortina. thanks paul.
  6. The second has a larger header tank.
  7. I was give these two by my uncle when I was restoring my mk2 cortina.they spent so long in his loft he carnt remember what car they came off. the 1st one he’s says is new old stock.it has the ford logo on the top??
  8. I've started using imgbb.com to upload pics
  9. Just goggle Adrian flux. I wouldn't insure my toy cortina with them.
  10. As above a require a carb for my cortinas 1300 pre xflow.iam running standard manifolds Thanks Paul.
  11. I had a guy on a bike come up the inside of my cortina the other week as I was turning left in slow moving traffic. The mirrors on my car are rubbish but I just caught sight of him as I turned so I jumped on the brakes. The guy stopped call me all the under the sun and told me the check my mirrors!!!!! WHAT THE FECK!!! Check my mirrors for you undertaking I replied. The best think was as he peddled off he shouted "your cars sh*t" had to laugh.
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