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  1. I wouldn’t leave my classic ford out on the street like that.
  2. I have modified my pedal like this one but my rod is slightly more to the left
  3. The block is on my modified pedal inside the car but what I am thinking the vertical rod that the block is fitted to needs to be longer to give me more pull.
  4. I have recently fitted a single Weber 40 dcoe to my 1967 mk2 cortina fitted with a pre xflow. i have fitted a sytec twin cable throttle kit but the problem I carnt get full throttle. As my car has a rod set up originally to operate the throttle I have welded a vertical rod as many other people have to mount the cable block ,but when the throttle is hard to the floor I only get half throttle. i have tried to adjusted the cables etc but still carnt get it set up right.i have thought about cutting a big hole in the floor to give me more travel but that might be a bit drastic.any ideas would be appreciated thanks paul.
  5. The second has a larger header tank.
  6. I was give these two by my uncle when I was restoring my mk2 cortina.they spent so long in his loft he carnt remember what car they came off. the 1st one he’s says is new old stock.it has the ford logo on the top??
  7. I've started using imgbb.com to upload pics
  8. Just goggle Adrian flux. I wouldn't insure my toy cortina with them.
  9. As above a require a carb for my cortinas 1300 pre xflow.iam running standard manifolds Thanks Paul.
  10. Does anyone know what carb would fit my 1300 pre xflow??its running standard manifolds,I've been looking at Weber 34ich on eBay but not sure if they would fit??thanks Paul.
  11. I had a guy on a bike come up the inside of my cortina the other week as I was turning left in slow moving traffic. The mirrors on my car are rubbish but I just caught sight of him as I turned so I jumped on the brakes. The guy stopped call me all the under the sun and told me the check my mirrors!!!!! WHAT THE FECK!!! Check my mirrors for you undertaking I replied. The best think was as he peddled off he shouted "your cars sh*t" had to laugh.
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