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  1. Ah bugger. Oki doki Cheers
  2. Hi guys! Is there going to be a stand at ford fair this year? Cheers
  3. The father in law and i would be interested again
  4. Hi all! Are we having a stand at ford fair this year? Cheers Ray
  5. Was there! Good day! Good stand! Well done!
  6. Im going from gatwick...where are you located?
  7. Tickets and passes arrived today..thanks What time are people getting there? Cheers
  8. Hello. Is it possible to get half inch lowering blocks anywhere? Having some slight rubbage problems with one inch. Cheeers
  9. What time are people getting there tomorrow? Cheers
  10. Helloo. Im looking for a mk3 capri fuel sender. Its a twin pipe one. Cheeers ray
  11. is there any way I can get stand passes for the mrs dad and myself? we already got our tickets when they first went on sale and I don't want to have to buy more! cheeeers Ray
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