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  1. I have fitted one in my Cossack car and it has gone in well, 2.0l blacktop on twin 45's with quaife type 9 box. Raising the tunnel is a must as clearance on standard mounts is not enough to get the engine in and lined up correctly. I have spent ages fitting mine to be spot on. I even dressed a slight bit off the bulkhead lip too. Looks nice in the bay If you want any advice etc then ring me 01765 635262 Al
  2. Even rarer as a base!! Get some shots up mate
  3. P7 trim would be chocolate interior mate which makes since for signal red 80 colour
  4. WU is 1979 October Your car should be Signal red 80 on a 00 colour code going by its official build date. Rare colour these days 'salmon Pink!'
  5. Is that the order on the vin mate? It should be w first then another letter mate W means built 1979 and the number after is the month
  6. That picture shows it in a bad light and makes it look very orange mate, it's what we call salmon pink lol
  7. JNF5V is signal red 80 Belongs to Steve lane, I valued it last year. Nice car
  8. Signal orange 76 was available up to December 1976 this was colour code L Signal orange 79 was available up to August of 79. If your car is displaying colour code 00 and has a build date after August 79 then it will be signal Red 80. Signal red 80 was colour code 0 from August 79 to July 80. After GCAT in your vin number there will be two more letters then the numbers, if you tell me what the letters are then I will see when the car was built. This will help you Al
  9. A great place to look is behind the rear quarter trims inside, have you got the build tag too? Get some pictures up mate
  10. 00 would be signal Red 1980. It could be signal orange 79 or signal Amber 78 but judging by your car being a 1980 RS2000 it would be signal red 80. Is your trim code P7 too? Al
  11. Hi chums I have fitted a black top zetec into my car and I have bought weber 45's it. I just wondered what ignition only kit people are using? I was thinking of Omex 200 and do they do a zetec loom? What are you guys running? Cheers Al
  12. I will tell you mike as that's sat in my garage! Lol Will check in morning mate
  13. 15's don't look right Mike, I run 9x13's on my stuff and they look spot on
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