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  1. As per title, I need a spring for the front door hinge? It's for a 4 door. Not sure if they're different from 2 door model Thanks
  2. Does anyone have or know where I can get hold of the omega shaped spring retaining clips for the interior door handle and window winders? Thanks
  3. OPEN TO OFFERS......VERY OPEN! Surely this is good for someone? Forget the prices in the ad....try me.
  4. Pictures of the 2 exhausts and the carb and manifold below Carb is a Weber 32 DGR twin choke
  5. I've got 2 exhaust manifolds for sale: 4-2-1 mild steel manifold 4-1 stainless manifold which needs a repair (2 of the welds have cracked) £30 each
  6. There's play in one of the mounts on the side. Could be fixed with a couple of tacks. Other than that it's in working order.
  7. It's the plastic top standard radiator. I used it for a few years with no issues. I'll get a picture up...thousand words
  8. Had a sort out yesterday. Need to clear the garage so everything must go. Most are standard escort/xflow parts. I'm sure someone needs them. Open to offers. Pictures to follow. Twin Choke 32 Weber carb and Manifold £60.00 TCA (pair) with HD rubber bushes £50.00 Headlining (mk1 black) £60.00 Headlight Lucas £10.00 Headlight £10.00 Superflex Leaf spring 0294KSS £38.00 Multi Leaf Springs £40.00 Exhaust 4 branch manifold £30.00 Steel wheel and tyres x5 £40.00 Seat belt buckle x2
  9. 1300 Xflow Reconditioned Short Engine for sale +40 thou overbore New pistons and rings Crank reground New bearings I also have all the parts needed to build the rest of the engine if required. Plus more (exhaust manifold and system, twin choke weber carb and manifold, distributor etc.) Short engine (as pictured): £450 Complete engine (in parts): £600 Complete engine (fully built): £750 Open to offers.
  10. Having a garage clear out. All parts are from standard crossflows. Collection from Banstead, Surrey All parts are £10: Alternators x2 Inlet manifold x2 Exhaust manifold Carb x2 Distributor x2 Fuel pump Coil Lucas Airbox Rocker cover x2 Timing gear/chain x2 Crankshaft 1300 Crankshaft 1100 Conrods 1300 Conrods 1100 Camshaft Pictures can be taken if interested
  11. Front and rear seats from a mk1 escort 4 door. Green vinyl. A few tears and small section of front seat frame removed. £40 open to offers. Need to get rid of them Collection from Banstead, Surrey
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